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Surprisingly effective ways to handle workplace conflicts »

Conflict is an unavoidable part of working life. While tempers can sometimes flare and come to nothing, it’s never a good idea to ignore real frustrations in the hope that the problem goes away. Whether you’re directly involved in an argument or trying to resolve conflict between others, there are ways to help diffuse the […]

New Year, new you! How to redefine your personal brand at work »

Whether it’s a new haircut or losing weight, the New Year is a great time to give yourself a makeover. But why stop there? Update your professional image and you could greatly enhance your career prospects in 2015. Read on to discover why and how to create a winning ‘personal brand’ at work. What’s your […]

10 Ways to stop feeling overwhelmed at work »

Demanding bosses, difficult clients, an overflowing inbox… everyone feels overwhelmed at work sometimes. If you’re struggling to get your job done, here are 10 strategies to get more out of your day and focus on what’s really important. 1. Get organised It sounds obvious, but making a list of what you need to get done […]

Anti-Bullying Week: Half of workers say they have felt bullied in their workplace »

If you’re aware of bullying at your workplace, or are a victim yourself, you’re not alone. According to a survey by, half of UK workers revealed that they have been bullied at work. The two most common ways workers report being bullied was being ignored, whereby comments have been dismissed or not acknowledged (41%), […]

Mentors: why the right one can help fast track your management career »

You don’t need to be a contestant on The X Factor to have a mentor. Whether you’re starting out in your management career or in a senior position, having someone who can share the benefit of their experience and support your progress can prove invaluable. As Simon North, founder of Position Ignition (, says: ‘being […]

Public speaking: 10 ways to project yourself effectively »

By Simon North, Founder of Position Ignition. Whenever we engage in public speaking, we always want to project the best version of ourselves. Being invited on stage to give a talk is a great opportunity to reveal our authentic selves to others, to influence them and to plant the seeds for long-term relationships of mutual […]

5 things you think make you a great colleague – but actually make you worse »

You always take time to get to know people, are happy to share your ideas on cross department projects and go out of your way to ensure that the team produces its best work. Think you’re a great colleague? Think again! You might think the following traits make you great in the workplace – but […]

7 of the biggest workplace distractions and how to avoid them »

For most of us, the slightest interruptions at work can pose the biggest of distractions – bringing all productivity to a crashing halt. Of course, there are the fortunate few who can block out everything around them and take such distractions in their stride. However, the majority will find that the most innocent of annoyances […]

6 Career Lessons We Learned from the World Cup »

Every four years, the men’s and women’s World Cups come along—the men’s tournament was this year, the women play next year. For one month you can turn on the TV (or live stream on your computer if you’re stuck at work) and see the world’s best football players battling for the biggest prize in the […]

Negotiating salary – how much are you worth? »

The best time to negotiate pay is once an employer has decided they want to hire you – but how do you know what you’re worth or how much to ask for? And can you ever get more money once you’re actually in the job? We asked the career experts how to negotiate salary at […]