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How extra-curricular activities can improve employability »

We often hear it said that the benefits of a university education don’t stop at honing your intellect. It’s as much to do with self-development, they say; meeting new people; and exposing yourself to many new influences. There is, however, another crucial dimension that is often overlooked, and that is getting involved with extra-curricular activities. […]

Six Job Hunting Steps For New Graduates »

Congratulations, you’ve done it! You made it through college, have your degree in hand and are finally ready to make your mark. You are now in the real world and it’s time to get your professional life started. If you are in the middle of this crossroad, it can be scary, exciting, confusing, overwhelming or […]

National Apprenticeships Week »

This week (February 6th – 10th) is National Apprenticeships Week. The week is designed to raise the profile of apprenticeships in the UK – among individuals and businesses. The government has come out recently with a big push to get more companies to start hiring apprentices. A few weeks ago David Cameron said there could […]

Britain’s best summer jobs »

The summer season brings some good opportunities and a lot of work so that finding a job for the summer months becomes an easy affair. While students looking to fill their wallets and pass the time make up a large portion of summer workers, seasoned professionals are on the hunt for work, too. Anyone looking […]

10 Jobs for MBA Graduates »

By Nisa Chitakasem, Founder of Career consultancy, Position Ignition Ltd Whether you’ve just applied to do an MBA, you’re in the middle of one or you’re about to finish, you may be wondering what job you’ll be able to get with your degree once you have it. There are lots of options out there for […]

6 Job Search Lessons You Won’t Learn At University »

Apparently, someone with a higher educational qualification can expect to earn £160,000 more over a working lifetime than someone with A-levels. But does a degree really guarantee a corporate job? The job search process isn’t always a natural fit for ambitious graduates who expect results from a logical combination of education and effort. Getting your […]

Attention Recent Graduates: Management Trainees Wanted! »

Are you graduating soon and looking for the right opportunity? If you are a business-minded, internationally interested person, the Global Management Trainee Program at Anheuser Busch InBev (AB InBev) may just be the right thing for you. Recent graduates from the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy can now apply (application deadline is […]

Job Prospects for New Graduates in 2011 »

The young generation was one of the groups hardest hit by the recession. End of last year, graduate unemployment reached its highest level since 1995, according to the Office for National Statistics. But there are good signs. In the winter edition of their bi-annual survey the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) mentions an upward trend […]