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Merry Christmas »

We hope that you have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! From all at CareerBuilder UK

Oscar Winners – Alternative Career Paths »

Award season is upon us! It is the time of year when all of Hollywood get together to celebrate success.  We researched what the actors were interested in BEFORE they turned to the bright lights and the big city.  You may be surprised at what we found. Jennifer Lawrence – As an Oscar winner, Jennifer […]

Calling All London Jobseekers! »

We need you! On Saturday March 16th, we are holding a user lab event for London based job seekers. During the sessions (either 12pm until 2:30pm or 3pm until 5:30pm), we will ask you to provide as much feedback as possible. We want to know what grinds your gears! Lunch and refreshments will be provided. […]

Visualise your CV with Graphify.Me »

Introducing the latest innovation in CV design: Graphify.Me. We help you take a drab word document and convert this into a stunning visual display. Employers are able to vividly explore your CV to see your skills, recommendations and previous positions. You can sign up by clicking here. Check out Albert’s Graphify profile!  

Merry Christmas From CareerBuilder »

Eight Toughest Interview Questions »

Interviews are designed to do just one thing: identify the best possible candidate for the advertised job. And sometimes it may feel that the questions being asked have been designed to deliberately catch you out or make you question whether you are up to the job or not. But that’s not their intention. Some questions […]

Is Calling In Sick Too Common in the UK? »

When was the last time you called in sick? For most in the UK, the average worker takes 10 days per year.  According to a recently released study from PWC, the UK is much higher than the US (5.5 days) and Asia (4.5 days) but similar to the European counterparts at 9.7 days. The article […]

Now Hiring: Seat Fillers For Royal Wedding »

Were you unsuccessful in your attempts to receive an invitation to the event of the decade? There is still a chance to get yourself close to the action in April. The Royal Wedding Planning Committee & the International Association of Event Television Producers (IAETP) have turned to to help fill some crucial roles for […]

Welcome to the Corner Office! »

The Corner Office is now open to give you tips and advice for all these issues. It is our goal to support you with any issues you face in your working life. We hope our topics start discussion and we look forward to hearing from you. If you’d like to say something about what we’re writing here, please just leave a comment and share your story. We are always happy to learn about new experiences. Welcome to the Corner Office and make sure to stop by often!

10 Growing Jobs … Despite the Economy »

Paul MacKenzie-Cummins for You may think that all this doom and gloom regarding the state of the current jobs market means that every industry is making cutbacks and we should all be content with what we have, thereby dismissing any thought of looking for another job. Think again. There are a number of jobs […]