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5 steps to clean up your CV »

It is important to have your CV up to a high standard in order to secure a job interview. Most employers will spend less time looking at your CV than it will take you to read the introduction to this article. In order to stand out, you need to take some steps to ensure that […]

Explaining gaps in your CV »

Gaps on your CV can pose a problem – but only if they are unexplained. Put a good spin on breaks in employment and they can actually work to your advantage. Here’s how to plug common resume holes and turn negatives into positives. Spot the holes Cast a critical eye over your CV and look for any […]

CV Top Tips »

Struggling to decide what to include in your CV? Hopefully we can help! Your CV is the first impression of yourselves that an employer will see – it is important to get it right. Your CV is your very own Marketing Tool Your CV is your very own version of a TV or magazine advertisement. […]

Your CV Could Be Hurting You! »

On WNYC’s (New York Public Radio) New Tech City podcast, reporter Ben Bradford puts his own CV to the test against Applicant Tracking Systems and discovers that automated CV screening can be a hazard for job hunters despite being a godsend for overloaded HR departments. With 9 of 10 major companies using these systems, it is important to […]

Is Your CV Extinct? 7 Things to Update »

Job hunting is always hard work. You look through job ads, send out applications, go to interviews and improve your networking. And you’re still not getting any offers? Take a closer look at your CV. It is your first chance for a great impression with your potential future employer. This document has more power than […]

The CV Black Hole – What happens when you hit send? »

Even though economic conditions may be stabilizing globally and in Britain, economists expect unemployment to continue rising this year, as financial uncertainty persists. “In the real world of Britain’s workplaces people are still losing their jobs and finding it harder and harder to get new ones”, TUC General Brendan Barber said. Unemployerment is also on the […]

Words that Sabotage Your CV! »

Creating a winning CV is a feat of strategy involving focus, wording, design and content selection. To achieve a career marketing document that wins interviews, all areas of the strategy must be spot-on and consciously used in the most effective manner. One of the most common mistakes job candidates make when writing their CVs is […]

7 Things to Remove From Your CV »

By Nisa Chitakasem, Founder of Career consultancy, Position Ignition Ltd If you’ve been looking for a job for a while now, but can’t even get an interview, you may be wondering if there’s some way you can improve your CV to try and get past first base with employers or recruiters. Whilst some of us […]

The Most Unusual CV Mistakes »

To impress a potential employer with your CV, you usually have just a few seconds. According to a survey of 194 UK employers, nearly one-third (32 per cent) said they spend one minute or less reviewing a CV. Fourteen per cent even spend only 30 seconds or less.  The study reveals what employers said […]