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Questions to ask a friend editing your CV »

You’ve spent hours making sure your CV fits on two pages, and have proof read it twice. Surely now you can email it to hiring managers? Not so fast. Before you send your résumé into the world, it pays to have a friend check it over – and not just for spelling mistakes. ‘The best […]

CV Clichés to avoid »

You want your CV to stand out from the competition – but at the same time, you need to use language that employers will understand. So what’s wrong with including a few standard stock-phrases on your résumé? Everyone does it, so it can’t be that bad, surely?

Writing your first CV: advice for graduates and school leavers »

Your CV is the first opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer. When you’re starting out in your career you’re likely to only have a short ‘work history’, but that doesn’t have to hold you back. Here are our top tips for writing a winning first CV for school leavers and graduates.

What employers want from your covering letter »

Your covering letter is the first chance you have to impress a potential employer. Get it right and they will read your CV with interest and are more likely to invite you to interview. Get it wrong and your application could be shelved on the ‘read it later’ pile, or worse, go straight in the […]

Five reasons your cover letter is letting you down »

Most employers will spend less than a minute scanning your cover letter -so should you still bother putting effort into writing one? ‘While some recruiters don’t read covering letters, preferring to go straight to a candidate’s CV instead, there are plenty that do,’ says John Lees, career coach and author of Just the Job! ‘A […]

The best (and worst) words to have on your CV »

Do you consider yourself a hard worker? A real go-getter? Someone who likes to think outside of the box? Then you’re just the type of person who needs to review their CV. A recent CareerBuilder survey found there are some words hiring managers and human resources pros just don’t want to see on your CV. […]

Give your CV a makeover »

Whether you’re just embarking on your job search or have been looking for work for months, it never hurts to go back to basics. Your CV is the first chance you get to impress a potential employer – is yours working as hard as possible for you, or does it need a refresh? 1. Show […]

11 ways to help your job search in 5 minutes »

Susan Ricker, CareerBuilder writer  You might have heard the saying, “Looking for a job is a full-time job.” Although a job search needs a lot of attention and focus, it doesn’t need to take up your entire day.  If you have a few minutes to spare while you’re sitting on the train or having a […]

Are these 8 mistakes ruining your CV? »

Your CV is your best tool for landing a job. Without it, you’re not getting called in for interviews and you’re certainly not receiving any job offers. Today’s job search takes place online and a lot of the advice you received growing up might not be relevant in today’s digital age, so a lot has […]

CareerBuilder Study Looks at CV Expectations Around the Globe »

 LONDON, 31 October 2013 – CV expectations may vary from country to country, but there are some things hiring managers everywhere agree on: a bad resume is not going to get you the job. In a recent survey of more than 5,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals in countries with the largest gross domestic […]