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7 jobs that pay £80,000+ – and how to get them »

Ever wondered what Britain’s best-paid employees earn? We reveal the UK’s top-paying professions according to The Office for National Statistics Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2015, along with advice on how to get them.

8 best-paid graduate jobs by sector »

The average starting salary for graduates in the UK is £28,000. That’s according to the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) – other surveys place it as low as £25,000 and some as high as £30,000. While money is by no means everything, if you’re thinking about re-training or deciding what to study, it can pay […]

Career success: it’s all a question of timing »

You might know from experience that you work best in the morning and find it harder to concentrate after lunch, but did you know that there’s an optimum time to do certain tasks depending on your age and chronotype? From analytical work to creative brainstorming, there’s a right and wrong time for everything, even when […]

7 jobs that pay the UK average salary (£26,500) and how to get them »

Are you happy with your pay-packet? The average UK salary is £26,500 per year. If you’re starting your job search, here are seven jobs that pay around that amount, and what it takes to get them.

How to negotiate a higher starting salary »

The job is fantastic and you’re perfect for the role – there’s just one problem. It doesn’t pay enough. The prospect of salary negotiation strikes fear into the hearts of many candidates, but raising the subject of remuneration doesn’t have to be painful. Here’s how to improve your interview negotiation skills and secure a higher […]

Is it time to ask for a pay rise? »

  You have a great job – you’re good at what you do, you’re well-respected by your peers and company leaders, and you have a clear cut path for advancement. Yet, you still don’t truly feel successful. Why? If you’re like the majority of workers recently surveyed by, it may all come down to […]

8 jobs that pay £15 – £20 per hour »

The average employee in Britain earns £13.03 per hour – but there are lots of well-paid jobs that offer more money per hour. If you’re starting your job search and want to improve your salary, here are eight roles to consider when choosing a career.

10 ways to prove you’re ready for promotion »

You know you’re ready to take the next step on the career ladder – but how do you persuade your boss? We reveal 10 sure-fire promotion tips to ensure your manager knows your worth.

8 jobs that pay £20 – £25 per hour »

How happy are you with your salary? The average employee in Britain earns £13.03 per hour – but there are plenty of people earning much more than that. If you fancy earning £20-£25 per hour, here are eight roles to consider in your job search.

Negotiating salary – how much are you worth? »

The best time to negotiate pay is once an employer has decided they want to hire you – but how do you know what you’re worth or how much to ask for? And can you ever get more money once you’re actually in the job? We asked the career experts how to negotiate salary at […]