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8 best-paid graduate jobs by sector »

The average starting salary for graduates in the UK is £28,000. That’s according to the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) – other surveys place it as low as £25,000 and some as high as £30,000. While money is by no means everything, if you’re thinking about re-training or deciding what to study, it can pay […]

8 Business online networking mistakes to avoid »

Online networking is a great way to make business contacts and widen your professional network. Get your social media activity right and it could help you land a job. Get it wrong and it could damage your professional reputation. Here are eight mistakes to avoid.

Career success: it’s all a question of timing »

You might know from experience that you work best in the morning and find it harder to concentrate after lunch, but did you know that there’s an optimum time to do certain tasks depending on your age and chronotype? From analytical work to creative brainstorming, there’s a right and wrong time for everything, even when […]

Job opportunities in Milton Keynes »

Milton Keynes is growing faster than any other place in Britain. Over the past decade, the town has experienced massive population growth (16.5%) – more than double the national average – while the number of job opportunities has grown by 18.2%, faster than any other UK city. If you’re interested in starting your job search […]

Beyond London: Best UK cities for IT jobs »

The UK’s digital technology industry is booming. The sector is predicted to outperform all other sectors in terms of job creation by 2020, according to a recent report by Tech Nation. If you’re an IT professional looking for your next role, there’s good reason to extend your job search outside of the capital.

How to negotiate a higher starting salary »

The job is fantastic and you’re perfect for the role – there’s just one problem. It doesn’t pay enough. The prospect of salary negotiation strikes fear into the hearts of many candidates, but raising the subject of remuneration doesn’t have to be painful. Here’s how to improve your interview negotiation skills and secure a higher […]

8 jobs that pay £15 – £20 per hour »

The average employee in Britain earns £13.03 per hour – but there are lots of well-paid jobs that offer more money per hour. If you’re starting your job search and want to improve your salary, here are eight roles to consider when choosing a career.

Job opportunities in Edinburgh »

Now is a great time to be looking for jobs in Edinburgh. According to jobs site CV-Library, the city enjoyed the highest employment growth in the UK last year, with posted vacancies rising by 56% from June 2014 to June 2015. Massive ongoing investment, a well-established financial services sector and a booming IT industry make […]

Writing your first CV: advice for graduates and school leavers »

Your CV is the first opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer. When you’re starting out in your career you’re likely to only have a short ‘work history’, but that doesn’t have to hold you back. Here are our top tips for writing a winning first CV for school leavers and graduates.

7 questions to ask before accepting a job offer »

Congratulations, you’ve got a job offer! The question is, do you actually want to work for the company? During an interview it’s easy to be so focused on selling yourself as a candidate that you forget to assess whether the role is right for you. Before you sign, here are seven questions to ask.