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Underrated industries: Could you be missing out on your dream job? »

Everyone has their ideal dream job. Maybe it’s something that pays for the pursuit of a hobby, a role studied for at university, or even a long-held pipedream from childhood – whatever it is, it’s always in the back of the mind, waiting for the right opportunity to do what we would all rather be […]

The gender gap: How does the UK shape up? »

Although on the surface it may look as though great strides have been made towards gender equality in the UK, even a cursory glance at the actual figures reveals that there is still a great deal to be done. Professional services firm PwC recently published its most recent Women in Work Index, which scores countries […]

Budget 2015: The employment forecast »

This year marks the final budget of the incumbent government before May’s election, bringing an end to five years of a parliament in which employment has been an ever-present cause for concern. Following extensive coverage from the BBC, what does 2015’s budget have in store for the UK’s workers? Chancellor George Osborne was keen to […]

Britain’s oldest-surviving occupations »

You might be able to guess what Britain’s longest-surviving occupations are – no, we’re not talking about that particular ‘oldest profession’ – but you may be surprised to know that some of the more unusual roles listed in the Domesday book are still going strong now. Written in 1085/6, our earliest-surviving public record offers a […]

EMSI Contributes to UK Tech City Report »

In remarks this morning to mark the celebration of UK Tech City’s third anniversary, the Prime Minister officially announced the success that the hub has brought to the UK and London. In the Tech City report titled “Tech Powers the London Economy”, CareerBuilder and EMSI data was the chief data source of the jobs and […]

Famous ‘failures’ worth a fortune »

Career set backs happen to the best of us. Whether you’ve been made redundant, failed an exam, made a bad business deal or had the door shut in your face, it can leave you questioning yourself and your abilities. Take heart. Some of the world’s most successful men and women suffered crushing failure – and […] and EMSI Release the List of Hot Jobs in London »

LONDON, 11 September 2013 – Has your job search stalled? Do you not know where to send your CV? and Economic Modelling Specialists International (EMSI) have released a list of Hot Jobs for London based on occupations with the greatest job increase between 2010 and 2013. The study uses EMSI’s rich labour market database, […]

Stat Of The Week: Food Service Activities Are Growing in Britain »

The Corner Office is diving deeper into the nuanced granularity of job growth in the UK. Today we focus on the food service industry! In the last three years (2010-2013), this delicious sector has gained an additional 120,108 jobs – a growth of 9 per cent. While beverage service activities have declined by 11,377 jobs, […]

Emigrating – Work Opportunities Abroad »

Tired of the recession and/or the British weather and fancy starting a new life abroad? Read on to discover the work opportunities in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. AUSTRALIA With a booming economy, Australia is looking more attractive than ever to many Brits. More than 70,000 people from the UK have moved to Oz over […]

Where to find work in 2013 »

Chancellor George Osborne has declared that ‘the British economy is healing’ and pointed to higher-than-predicted job creation figures in his recent autumn statement. While the figures are cause for (some) celebration, many of the roles are temporary or part time and you’ll need to look hard – and may need to consider re-locating – for […]