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Huge Rise in Apprenticeship Starters »

We have all heard the recent media push about getting apprenticeships out to young people. The Corner Office was interested in exactly how popular this program is. According to a recent report from The House of Commons, the amount of young adults in the UK starting apprenticeship schemes is drastically increasing. Changes made in the […]

19,000 new higher apprenticeships in the UK »

Business Secretary Vince Cable recently announced details of how Government funding will support thousands of apprenticeships up to degree equivalent, enabling employers, colleges and universities to deliver the advanced skills most critical for growth in the UK. £18.7m from the Higher Apprenticeship Fund will support the development of 19,000 new Higher Apprenticeships in sectors including […]

Does an MBA make a difference? »

Approximately 12,000 MBAs graduate each year from UK business schools, according to the Careers Advisory Service at the University of Kent. But is the investment of time and money worth it? Can this piece of paper really magically transport you to a better place? Some MBA critics point to the many successful CEOs and entrepreneurs […]

5 Reasons Why Distance Learning Could Help You Get Your Ideal Job »

If you’re stuck in a rut at work and not making much progress with finding a more rewarding position — a common situation for many people thanks to the recent economic climate — then you may want to consider broadening your knowledge or formalising your existing proficiency with a relevant vocational qualification. It may be […]