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10 Ways to stop feeling overwhelmed at work »

Demanding bosses, difficult clients, an overflowing inbox… everyone feels overwhelmed at work sometimes. If you’re struggling to get your job done, here are 10 strategies to get more out of your day and focus on what’s really important. 1. Get organised It sounds obvious, but making a list of what you need to get done […]

Day in the life of a Business Analyst and Test Architect »

We caught up with Steve Gray, a test architect, and Marshal Konzvo, a business analyst, both working for Capita Children’s Services to find out a little bit more about their day to day activities. What exactly is a business analyst and a test architect? SG:  As a test architect my key areas of responsibility are […]

A Day in the Life Series: Detainee Custody Officer! »

A detainee custody officer plays a vital part in securing the UK Borders. Their role encompasses a wide range of duties at a wide range of locations including airports, ports and removal centres. What is the role of a DCO? DCO’s work with a variety of people including immigration staff, police, social services and members […]

Day in the Life Series: Vehicle Parts Consultant »

Your car has broken down and you are stressing out! How am I going to get to work? How am I going to take the kids to school? When you take your car back to the dealership to be fixed it usually takes a while for a part to come in. That’s because that part […]

Day in The Life Series: Site Engineer »

You arrive at the station to find the entire line has been suspended. It’s hard to get past that initial anger but there is a genuine reason that these suspensions are in place. In this week’s Day in The Life Series we caught up with a Site Engineer who works on the rails, fixing the […]

Day in The Life Series: Office Receptionist »

Do you every wonder who you are talking to on the end of the phone? Do you really think of them as real human beings in a world full of automated responses? In this weeks’ instalment of the Day in the Life Series, we spoke to a receptionist that has worked on the phones for […]

A Day in the Life Series: Finance Manager »

In this installment of our Day in the Life Series, we talk to a finance manager at a global internet company. Historically at the Corner Office, we lump Finance and Accounting into one. Not so – managing budgets and forecasting are completely different to auditing historical profits and losses. Read below to find out what a typical […]

A Day in the Life Series: Events Planner »

In this edition to our Day in the Life Series, we chat with Stephanie, an Events Planner with a large IT firm. Stephanie takes us through the ups and downs of planning and executing large scale meetings. We think that it sounds stressful but very satisfactory! Can you sum up your main responsibilities? Planning all aspects of […]

A Day in The Life: Business Energy Advisor »

Based in Camden in London, uSwitchforBusiness is a team of 35 business experts, who help their customers to get a better deal on gas and electricity for their business by getting quotes from across the market on their behalf. Today Lauren Pope from uSwitch explains exactly what a Business Energy Advisor does on a daily […]