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Back to school: What grade would you give your boss? »

When you were in school, did you ever wish you could turn the tables and give your teacher a grade? Well, workers got the chance to grade their bosses in a new survey from, and most believe their managers are doing a decent job.

Most Outrageous Excuses When Pulling a Sickie »

Listeners of BBC Radio Suffolk heard CareerBuilder’s Managing Director Scott Helmes discussing the strangest excuses for pulling a sickie from our recent survey of more than 3,000 employees and 2,000 hiring managers. Check out our survey results below. Have you ever had one of those days where your false teeth fly out the window on the highway, […]

More than a Quarter of Employers Currently Have Vacancies For Which They Cannot Find Qualified Candidates, According to Survey »

The current job market is not only frustrating for those looking for employment, but also for businesses with open positions that they can not find the talent to hire.  Half of employers say they are concerned with the growing skills gap in Britain and more than a quarter of employers (28 per cent) say they […]

EMSI Contributes to UK Tech City Report »

In remarks this morning to mark the celebration of UK Tech City’s third anniversary, the Prime Minister officially announced the success that the hub has brought to the UK and London. In the Tech City report titled “Tech Powers the London Economy”, CareerBuilder and EMSI data was the chief data source of the jobs and […]

CareerBuilder Releases Striking Differences in Typical Workdays Around the World »

LONDON, 17 October 2013 – A new global study from CareerBuilder shows that a typical day in the office is not so typical across the globe: When you look at the average workday in the 10 largest economies around the world, you begin to see how alike workers can be—and also where they differ the […]

Two in Five Workers Say They Usually or Always Live Paycheque to Paycheque to Make Ends Meet, Finds Survey »

-Thirty-one per cent of workers set aside no money for savings each month- LONDON, 19 September 2013 – Do you plan your life around payday? You’re not alone. As the economy continues its slow climb out of the recession, workers across the UK continue to struggle with their financial responsibilities. Forty-two per cent of workers report […]

CareerBuilder Releases Lists of the Longest to Fill Positions Around the World »

A new global study from CareerBuilder shows that companies around the world have at least one thing in common: difficulty filling in-demand jobs. Employers in the top ten world economies identified which positions at their organizations typically take the longest to fill as they struggle to find qualified candidates. The global survey, conducted online by […]

UK Sports Industry worth £23.8 billion and holds nearly 1 million jobs »

Sports Industry Important Component of National Economy, Finds CareerBuilder/EMSI Study, one of the UK’s largest job site, and EMSI (Economic Modeling Specialists International), recently ran a scenario to quantify the importance of the sports industry to the UK economy. The results found the initial effect of removing the sports industry would be a loss of £23.8 […]

Half of Workers Plan to Spend Their Holiday at Home This Year, Finds Survey »

LONDON, 04 June 2013 – As we move into summer, workers may be longing to get away from the office and enjoy a holiday. While 63 per cent of full time workers in the UK say they plan to take time away from work, approximately half (48 per cent) will enjoy their holiday at home and not in […]

CareerBuilder Acquires Oil and Gas Job Search, an Industry-leading International Job Search Website »

CHICAGO, April 23, 2013— CareerBuilder, the global leader in human capital solutions, announced today the acquisition of Oil and Gas Job Search (, continuing its expansion of niche online job search platforms. Oil & Gas Job Search, headquartered in Manchester, England, is the oil and gas industry’s leading online job site outside North America with job […]