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8 jobs that pay £15 – £20 per hour »

The average employee in Britain earns £13.03 per hour – but there are lots of well-paid jobs that offer more money per hour. If you’re starting your job search and want to improve your salary, here are eight roles to consider when choosing a career.

Anti-Bullying Week: Half of workers say they have felt bullied in their workplace »

If you’re aware of bullying at your workplace, or are a victim yourself, you’re not alone. According to a survey by, half of UK workers revealed that they have been bullied at work. The two most common ways workers report being bullied was being ignored, whereby comments have been dismissed or not acknowledged (41%), […]

5 ways to give your soft skills the hard sell »

You have the technical skills and experience for the job – but do you have the soft skills that employers are looking for? ‘Many candidates see hard skills as relevant and soft skills as ‘nice to have’ or ten-a-penny. The paradox, of course, is that some of the most difficult tasks are achieved through well-crafted […]

The office is not your bedroom »

Weird stuff employees were caught doing at work Click, click, click. That’s the sound you hear coming from your co-worker’s cubicle. You peer over, and realize to your horror that he’s clipping his toe nails. As you watch in disgust, you see nail filings falling to the floor. Stifling a gag, you turn back to […]

How to answer brain-teaser interview questions »

Interview questions should be fair and designed to find out if you can do the job – but in reality, candidates can be asked some very odd things. While you can’t predict what questions you will be asked, you can prepare by developing a strategy for answering them. ‘Your answers might not reveal how well […]

How to become a project manager »

Project managers are the modern day masters of organisation and crisis management. With a flair for delegation and negotiation they are the orchestrators of balance that keep projects from falling into utter chaos. As a project manager it’ll be your job to plan and manage all kinds of business projects to ensure that they run […]

Who’s hiring in May? »

According to the latest REC/KPMG Report on Jobs, rates of growth in both permanent and temporary staff appointments eased during March, but remained strong overall. The strongest growth was signalled for engineering workers, while the slowest increase was recorded for Blue Collar employees. Jobs in nursing, medical and care led a broad-based expansion of demand […]

Top Industries Where Information Technology Jobs Are Growing Fast »

LONDON – 16 April 2014 – It’s no secret that information technology is one of the hottest sectors for employment in Britain.  But, just where are those jobs growing the fastest?  CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI) released a new list of ten industries that are leading in IT job creation post-recession. “Technology is […]

Are you checking me out? »

- New CareerBuilder features allows you to see who is viewing your CV! – We have been working tirelessly with job seekers to find out exactly what you want from our site. Our goal is to make you smarter about your job search. Our new Resume View allows you to get feedback about who is […]

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? »

Every hour of every day, somebody, somewhere, is being stripped of their dignity, wondering what happened to the glittering career they hoped for. Unfortunately, we’ve not yet been able to substitute technology for human labour in jobs that largely rely on hand-eye co-ordination. Read about these real-life experiences and feel the trauma from the comfort […]