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Answering tricky – but common – interview questions »

If you’ve been on a lot of job interviews, you may have noticed certain questions get asked almost every time. Yet even though they’re commonly asked, many jobseekers struggle with finding the right answers.

Back to school: What grade would you give your boss? »

When you were in school, did you ever wish you could turn the tables and give your teacher a grade? Well, workers got the chance to grade their bosses in a new survey from, and most believe their managers are doing a decent job.

Underrated industries: Could you be missing out on your dream job? »

Everyone has their ideal dream job. Maybe it’s something that pays for the pursuit of a hobby, a role studied for at university, or even a long-held pipedream from childhood – whatever it is, it’s always in the back of the mind, waiting for the right opportunity to do what we would all rather be […]

The many roads to employment »

The routes available to finding work are currently highly politicised. Apprenticeships, internships, university fees and more are regularly in the news, with the pros and cons of all kinds of methods for making a start in the workplace debated endlessly, and parties making pledges based on their perceived value of each. The Telegraph recently reported […]

The gender gap: How does the UK shape up? »

Although on the surface it may look as though great strides have been made towards gender equality in the UK, even a cursory glance at the actual figures reveals that there is still a great deal to be done. Professional services firm PwC recently published its most recent Women in Work Index, which scores countries […]

Budget 2015: The employment forecast »

This year marks the final budget of the incumbent government before May’s election, bringing an end to five years of a parliament in which employment has been an ever-present cause for concern. Following extensive coverage from the BBC, what does 2015’s budget have in store for the UK’s workers? Chancellor George Osborne was keen to […]

Public speaking: 10 ways to project yourself effectively »

By Simon North, Founder of Position Ignition. Whenever we engage in public speaking, we always want to project the best version of ourselves. Being invited on stage to give a talk is a great opportunity to reveal our authentic selves to others, to influence them and to plant the seeds for long-term relationships of mutual […]

10 ways to identify which company you want to work for »

By Simon North, founder of Position Ignition. When thinking about what kind of organisation you want to work for, think about it in terms of not merely working for an employer but working with an organisation that you really want to form a connection with that’s about more than just getting paid for going into […]

Do employers ‘Like’ your online presence? »

By Tasnim Tudor – Senior HR Manager, CareerBuilder EMEA Social media has grown from networking sites for teenagers into an entire industry that fuels businesses and shares news. It’s also become a tool in the hiring process, and can affect your career positively or negatively. A new survey from found that 48 per cent […]

5 ways to get feedback from a recruiter »

Guest post by Simon North, Founder of Position Ignition. One of the disadvantages of the modern era is that job candidates don’t receive the courtesies that they probably did in the past, and this particularly applies when it comes to getting feedback from unsuccessful job applications. Here are some suggestions on how you can get […]