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Job opportunities in Norwich

shutterstock_301422221Salary and employment opportunities are important when you’re relocating for work, but then so is job satisfaction. If being happy at work tops your list of priorities, you might want to take a look at Norwich. Employees here are the happiest in the UK, with 77% of them saying they are satisfied in their job according to a survey by business psychologists OPP.

If you’re considering working in Norwich, read on for our guide to some of the main employers and job opportunities available.

A great place to work

The picturesque city of Norwich is a pleasant place to work – there are 1,500 historic buildings within its walled centre – and thanks to its compact size and vibrant student population, the town has a young and friendly feel. As well as being a centre for culture, with several arts and literary festivals, Norwich is also ranked in the top 10 cities for shopping in the UK. Pay rates may not be the best, but house prices – though rising – are lower than many parts of the country.

After a decade of regeneration, Norwich is now one of the fastest-growing cities in the UK and has ambitious plans for the future, with a goal to create more than 33,000 new jobs and 35,000 new homes by 2026.

Leading industries

Once famed for its manufacturing industry – namely textiles, shoemaking and mustard – Norwich has reinvented itself as a service-based economy. Today, the business and financial services sector accounts for nearly a third of jobs in the city, providing roles in accountancy, telecommunications, legal, and financial services.

The public service sector is the next bigger employer, providing over a quarter of jobs, while the retail sector employs more than one-in-10 residents in the city. Norwich also has an established TV production and publishing industry and a fast-growing digital sector, specialising in media, digital marketing and gaming. Around 7% of residents are employed in tourism. The manufacturing industry accounts for around 8% of jobs, and construction 5%.

Major employers

Though Norwich is home to more than 8,000 businesses, nearly half of the 123,000 jobs in the city are provided by large companies. Around 3.6% of firms in Norwich employ more than 50 people compared to 1.9% nationally. Because of this, the city’s jobs market can be vulnerable to business take-overs, mergers and closures.

Big-name employers include Aviva, Handelsbanken, Marsh, Virgin Money, PWC and Swiss Re.

Earlier this year, insurance giant Aviva took on 65 new people in its claims handling operation at Broadland Business Park as part of a larger recruitment to hire 400 new staff in the city. The company, which already employs some 5,000 people in the area, aims to run one of the biggest motor claims handling centres from Willow House in Norwich, after closing and reducing offices in the north of England.

Health sector

The health sector is one of the city’s biggest employers (accounting for around 15% of jobs), in part thanks to Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and Norwich Research Park, which employs more than 2,400 scientists and around 8,500 support staff.

In 2011, the government invested £26 million in Norwich Research Park to encourage innovation and create new jobs, helping it become one of Europe’s leading centres for bioscience and research into food, health and the environment. Today, the research park is home to more than 30 innovative science and technology-based businesses.

Media and digital sector

Norwich has long been associated with literature and publishing and remains a regional centre for publishing, with 5% of the UK’s independent publishing sector based in the city. And in 2012 Norwich was designated as England’s first UNESCO City of Literature.

Norwich is home to national publishing group Archant, BBC East and ITV Anglia. From these traditional media and publishing outlets have grown a new generation of TV production and digital media businesses.

According to Tech City UK’s 2015 Tech Nation report, there was a 21% increase in the number of digital companies incorporated in Norfolk between 2010 and 2013, with the sector now employing 14,521 people in Norwich.

Meet-up groups and networks, such as SyncDevelopHER and SyncNorwich, Norfolk Developers, Norfolk Indie Game Developers and Hot Source, allow professionals to share experiences and knowledge across sectors. The industry is also supported by annual events, such as the hugely popular Norwich Gaming Festival.

The city’s tech scene has benefited from recent investment in its digital infrastructure, while co-working spaces such as White Space are helping to fuel the growth of new digital, creative and technology businesses.

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