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Archive for May, 2015

Trends in tech: 5 growth areas »

If you’re an IT professional looking for your next role, the future looks bright. Employment in the technology industry is expected to grow at nearly five times the UK average over the next decade. The vast majority (91%) of IT leaders are planning to increase tech investment in the near term, with new projects including […]

5 tough questions your boss will ask – and how to answer them »

You’re prepared to answer difficult questions in an interview situation. Once you’re in the job, knowing how to handle potentially loaded queries can be tricky. Here are five tough questions your boss may ask and how to answer them. 1. Are you to blame for the failure? If you’ve made a mistake, it’s best to […]

Want your old job back? Here’s how to do it »

You gave it your best shot but the new job isn’t working out. Why bother scouring the jobs boards, when you could simply ask for your old position back? It may be tempting, but firing off an email to your old boss after a bad day is the last thing you should do. Before you […]

10 Ways to be more persuasive at work »

You have great ideas, it’s just a shame that management and your colleagues rarely get on board. The next time you need to win someone over, try one of these tried-and-tested persuasion techniques.   1. What’s in it for them? Before you present an idea, think about the benefits and challenges it offers the other […]