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Archive for November, 2014

How to track down “hidden” jobs »

If you focus your job search on advertised vacancies you could be missing out. Research suggests that most job openings are hidden – with only those in the know aware of them. ‘Some estimates suggest up to 60-80% of job opportunities are not in the public domain,’ says Simon North, founder of Position Ignition ( […]

Anti-Bullying Week: Half of workers say they have felt bullied in their workplace »

If you’re aware of bullying at your workplace, or are a victim yourself, you’re not alone. According to a survey by, half of UK workers revealed that they have been bullied at work. The two most common ways workers report being bullied was being ignored, whereby comments have been dismissed or not acknowledged (41%), […]

Five ways you’re sabotaging yourself at interview »

If you rarely get invited back for a second interview, it could be time to take a closer look at your technique. Here are five subtle ways you may be undermining yourself without realising it. Your stories aren’t relevant Most people focus on preparing answers to interview questions but you will have more success if you […]

Changing career: 6 common mistakes to avoid »

Making the decision to change your career is hugely exciting but it can be fraught with fear and doubt too. Before you take the plunge, read our experts’ top tips for success and discover the common pitfalls to avoid. 1. Don’t rush it So you’ve decided to follow your passion and make the dream a […]

Mentors: why the right one can help fast track your management career »

You don’t need to be a contestant on The X Factor to have a mentor. Whether you’re starting out in your management career or in a senior position, having someone who can share the benefit of their experience and support your progress can prove invaluable. As Simon North, founder of Position Ignition (, says: ‘being […]