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Archive for July, 2014

5 ways to perfect your soft skills »

Most candidates focus on their technical skills and experience when applying for a new job or developing their career – but neglect soft skills at your peril. ‘Soft skills are just as important if not more important than technical skills at work, which can be taught more easily and quickly,’ says Claire McCartney, CIPD Adviser, […]

How to handle interview questions that you can’t answer »

Your mouth goes dry and your mind goes blank. The interviewer peers at you with a quizzical look. You ask them to repeat the question. Their look turns to bemusement and then annoyance. You still don’t have an answer – so what do you say? ‘Many candidates leave too much to chance, hoping that certain […]

Five jobs that will impress your kids »

You might impress guests at parties when you tell them that you’re an investment banker or a corporate lawyer, but their children are more likely to be wowed if you own a sweet shop or drive a big lorry. We give you the low-down on five jobs guaranteed to have your kids bragging in the […]

Perfect your presentation skills »

However well you know your job and no matter how well-respected you are among your colleagues, giving a presentation can be a real stumbling block for many in the world of work. Whether you suffer from shyness or just can’t work out how to get your ideas across to an audience, help is at hand […]

Staying work-focused during the summer »

Summer’s here (although you might not notice) and many people face the challenge of staying focused at work. They’d rather be on the golf course, at the pub, just sitting in their garden, or anywhere but at the office. We all know the work can’t stop just because it’s nice outside, so consider these tips […]

Who is hiring in July? »

According to the latest Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)’s JobsOutlook survey of employers, employer intention to hire permanent staff remains at a record high: Eight out of ten employers are planning to create more permanent jobs in the next quarter. In addition to this, more than half of employers are planning to take on more […]

Most Outrageous Excuses When Pulling a Sickie »

Listeners of BBC Radio Suffolk heard CareerBuilder’s Managing Director Scott Helmes discussing the strangest excuses for pulling a sickie from our recent survey of more than 3,000 employees and 2,000 hiring managers. Check out our survey results below. Have you ever had one of those days where your false teeth fly out the window on the highway, […]

The steps of building a strong network »

“You should network” is advice as commonly repeated as “You need to floss,” and it’s just as irritating if you’re out of practice. However, just like going to the dentist, you’ll likely feel much better after you’ve seen the benefits of keeping up with the routine. So, when it comes to networking, where do you […]