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Archive for June, 2014

Beating the Summer Job Rush – Top Tips from an HR Expert »

In two months time, thousands of job-hungry graduates will descend on what’s already shaping up to be a fairly competitive summer job market; making it even harder for those of us with a desire for career shifts, or those of us looking for that elusive first break. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the […]

The office is not your bedroom »

Weird stuff employees were caught doing at work Click, click, click. That’s the sound you hear coming from your co-worker’s cubicle. You peer over, and realize to your horror that he’s clipping his toe nails. As you watch in disgust, you see nail filings falling to the floor. Stifling a gag, you turn back to […]

Five jobs for people who love to plan »

Organisational and planning skills are highly sought after in many jobs. If you’re the type of person who keeps a spreadsheet for the weekly shop and meal plan and have been known to alphabetise your friend’s book collection as well as your own, we’ve found five jobs that are perfect for you. 1. Event organiser […]

Five jobs for people who love animals »

Working with animals appeals to many people. Whether you fancy being a zoologist or zoo keeper, vet, dog groomer or animal welfare officer, we’ve found five jobs that are animal magic. Zookeeper As you would expect, zookeepers look after animals in zoos and safari parks – feeding them, cleaning their enclosures and checking them for […]

How to answer brain-teaser interview questions »

Interview questions should be fair and designed to find out if you can do the job – but in reality, candidates can be asked some very odd things. While you can’t predict what questions you will be asked, you can prepare by developing a strategy for answering them. ‘Your answers might not reveal how well […]

Five jobs for people who love to argue »

Some people dread the prospect of arguments at work and do their best to avoid them, but for others there’s no greater thrill than successfully arguing their case or winning a debate.  If you’re outspoken, confident, and can stay calm in a conflict, we’ve found five jobs that might just suit you. Barrister The film […]

UK’s best cities for tech jobs »

The UK technology industry is going from strength to strength. The last quarter of 2013 saw the sector’s best growth performance in almost a decade, and almost 44% of UK tech firms say they plan to hire staff this year, according to the KPMG/Markit Tech Monitor UK Report. Some 72,000 new vacancies were created in […]

Who is hiring in June? »

The intention among UK employers to hire permanent staff is at a record high. Eight out of ten employers are planning to hire more people in the next three months, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)’s JobsOutlook survey of employers. In addition to the positive hiring intentions, employers also voiced their concerns over […]