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Archive for May, 2014

Five reasons your cover letter is letting you down »

Most employers will spend less than a minute scanning your cover letter -so should you still bother putting effort into writing one? ‘While some recruiters don’t read covering letters, preferring to go straight to a candidate’s CV instead, there are plenty that do,’ says John Lees, career coach and author of Just the Job! ‘A […]

What to tell your boss at your next appraisal »

Love them or hate them, when it comes to yearly appraisals, it pays to be prepared. Go in armed with evidence of your success (sales figures, reports, client feedback) and decide what you want to achieve from the meeting before you sit down with your boss. Not sure where to start? Here are five things […]

Confusing business etiquette explained »

You might have bagged an amazing job opportunity with a great company but however impressive your academic qualifications are, it’s all too easy to upset or alienate your workmates by making a simple breach of office etiquette. With the help of Tanya de Grunwald, founder of the graduate careers blog Graduate Fog and author of How to Get […]

How to become a project manager »

Project managers are the modern day masters of organisation and crisis management. With a flair for delegation and negotiation they are the orchestrators of balance that keep projects from falling into utter chaos. As a project manager it’ll be your job to plan and manage all kinds of business projects to ensure that they run […]

6 new trends in interviews »

You might think interviews are pretty much standard. They ask you some questions – why do you want to work for the company, what skills can you bring and where do you see yourself in five years’ time – and you do your best to come across as confident, knowledgeable and personable without doing or […]

How to build a career in sports »

The dream of becoming a professional sportsperson may only be achieved by a select few, but that doesn’t mean a career in the world of sport is unattainable. We’ve spoken to three people who have successfully built a career in sport to find out what it takes. The Sports Development Manager Paul Coates is sports […]

Five jobs that make the world a better place »

The idea of “giving something back” appeals to many of us, whether we’re entering the world of work for the first time or looking for a career that offers more job satisfaction when a little older. If you want to make the world a better place, here are five jobs where you can make a […]

9 mistakes every first-time job seeker makes »

There’s a lot that first-time job seekers bring to the table. They’re often eager and enthusiastic, technologically-savvy and up-to-date on the latest skills and trends in their desired field. Yet there is still a lot that new job seekers have to learn when it comes to mastering the job search. Here, experts weigh in on […]

Who’s hiring in May? »

According to the latest REC/KPMG Report on Jobs, rates of growth in both permanent and temporary staff appointments eased during March, but remained strong overall. The strongest growth was signalled for engineering workers, while the slowest increase was recorded for Blue Collar employees. Jobs in nursing, medical and care led a broad-based expansion of demand […]