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“Quit Happens!” – Catchy Resignation Video Goes Viral

I thought I had seen it all when Steven Slater famously quit his job at Jet Blue Airlines by announcing his resignation on the plane’s public address system before grabbing a beer from the galley and activating the emergency exit slide on the tarmac in New York.

That was until Marina Shifrin uploaded a catchy dance video in the wee hours of the night announcing her resignation from her job at Next Media Animation in Taiwan. The video which Marina dancing to Kanye West’s “Gone” while alone in her office at 4:30 am has already attracted nearly 8 million views on youtube. During the 1:45 video, Marina outlines her specific reasons for the resignation.

Now, before you get any crazy resignation ideas of your own I want to remind you of some more sensible tips on how to resign.

We want to hear from you: Have you seen any crazier resignation tactics? Let us know in the comments below.

Finally, if you are curious how Next Media Animation responded to Shifrin’s video check out their video response below. What do you think? Who is the winner of this epic dance battle?

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