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Archive for October, 2013

CareerBuilder Study Looks at CV Expectations Around the Globe »

 LONDON, 31 October 2013 – CV expectations may vary from country to country, but there are some things hiring managers everywhere agree on: a bad resume is not going to get you the job. In a recent survey of more than 5,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals in countries with the largest gross domestic […]

Here come the boys: working in a woman’s world »

There have always been jobs thought of as typically “male” or “female” – but with more men (and women) choosing to cross the gender-divide, old preconceptions are finally changing. Here, three men share what it’s like to work in a woman’s world… The male PA Many young people have no idea what they want to […]

75 Per cent of UK Workers Are Burned Out »

Last week’s news that UK unemployment held steady at 7.7 per cent was bittersweet. On the one hand, the unemployment rate is still far away from its highs of 2011, but it’s also not at its pre-recession lows. This means workers might be relieved to have jobs in a tough economy, but they could use […]

Beat boredom at work and advance your career »

Who doesn’t get bored at work every now and then? A little daydreaming can be a good thing (if it allows you to think laterally and unleashes your creativity) but if you find yourself constantly checking the clock – or Facebook – it’s time to stop the rot. Boredom at work is a sign that […]

CareerBuilder Releases Striking Differences in Typical Workdays Around the World »

LONDON, 17 October 2013 – A new global study from CareerBuilder shows that a typical day in the office is not so typical across the globe: When you look at the average workday in the 10 largest economies around the world, you begin to see how alike workers can be—and also where they differ the […]

The UK’s most-surprising salaries »

The average UK salary is £26,462 but as you might imagine, there are plenty of jobs which pay considerably more and a lot less than that. Think you know which roles bring in the big bucks? You might be surprised… Plumber Stories of plumbers earning six-figure salaries have been rife in recent years – but […]

The economy and the North-South divide »

Differences between the North and South have always been a topic of debate. This 2012 article from the Economist cites lower employment rates and average incomes. Some have even gone so far as to say that the North and the South are two different countries in everything but name. The contrast Economically speaking, how stark is the […]

Are you making one of these 8 detrimental interview mistakes? »

Job interviews are a lot like first dates. You dress in your most flattering clothes, smile a lot (but not so much that you’re creepy), you laugh at the right times, act interested, and try to make yourself sound interesting. Like first dates, interviews can go really well and leave you feeling like something amazing […]

Five Industries Driving Economic Growth in Scotland »

The Scottish economy has seen both ups and downs, but here are a few industries that are driving growth. In this post, we will look at five industries that are crucial to the Scottish economy, based on a variety of factors, including total job numbers, average earnings per job and location quotient (LQ). In terms of number […]

Automatic pension enrolment – everything you need to know »

Heard of automatic enrolment? Last October the government introduced a new law to help people save for their retirement. Employers have to enrol eligible workers into a workplace pension scheme if they are not already in one. So far 1.6 million people have joined with the scheme being fully rolled out by 2018. Large employers […]