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Call Centre Operators Are Picking Up

EMSICall centre operators have added 6,187 jobs across Great Britain in the last three years, a growth of six per cent since 2010.

There are 102,310 call centre operators in Great Britain, most of them employed in the north. In February 2013, Jobcentre Plus reported 8,905 unemployment claims filed within the occupation, but that number dropped to 8,514 by April.

The map at right shows the eleven Government office regions across Great Britain. Most of the call centre jobs are concentrated in Scotland and the North West, with a significant amount in Yorkshire and the Humber.

The table below shows the top eleven counties in Great Britain by growth in the number of call centre operators.



As you can see, Nottingham has experienced a 45 per cent growth in the last three years and now has 3,105 call centre operators. And apparently companies in Nottingham are looking to hire a few more.

Location quotientis a measure of regional concentration, which means that call centre operators in Nottingham, which has an LQ of 3.97, are almost four times as concentrated as the whole of Great Britain.

Swansea has also seen impressive growth, with an increase of 181 jobs since 2010. The greatest number of jobs is in Greater Manchester South, which provides work to 5,789 call centre operators. Second place in terms of job numbers goes to Glasgow City, where 3,908 call centre operators are employed.

Are there call centre jobs available right now in Great Britain? Labour market information can’t say whether or not employers are ready to hire, it can only say whether they have. It certainly appears that the occupation is growing, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

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