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Talking salary can lead to job dissatisfaction

08042013statusSharing too much personal information in the office can be seen as inappropriate.  While a majority of colleagues enjoy a chat on their lunch breaks, saying too much can cause jealousy and even job dissatisfaction.

Salary talk is frowned upon in many companies. Although this cannot be policed by management, if they catch you it will make you look dissatisfied.  Employees who have low work satisfaction are more likely to lapse with their duties, eventually drawing unwanted attention to themselves.  There may be reasons beyond your pool of knowledge, as to why another employee earns a more substantial salary. Here are some tips on how to handle workplace salary resentment.

Write out your job description

Have a clear indication of what you actually do. This will assist you when comparing job descriptions online. A majority of online adverts will display a salary range, if you fall within this range it is likely you are being paid accordingly. If it is not, address this with your boss without mention of another employee.

Do not discuss a colleague’s salary with your boss

It may be tempting to run in all guns blazing accusing your boss of unfair treatment. Remember, the information that you received may not even be correct. Your boss is under contract to keep colleagues salary information confidential, discussing this could result in them receiving disciplinary action.

Can you afford to lose your job?

With the economic climate, can you afford to be causing uproar? Think to yourself, am I disposable? If the answer is yes, then keep quiet and try to build on your skills. Eventually you will be noticed and hopefully a salary increase will follow.

Do not discuss your own salary

You have heard all about your colleague’s salary and it has caused you distress and anger, so why pass that on? You don’t want people to show the resentment to you, that you have shown to others. If someone asks you the question, jokingly answer “Not enough”, or inform them that you are not okay with discussing salary.

The bottom line is – always find a way to improve yourself. Do not spend time trying to change the system. If you work hard, showcase your skills, build your experience and show a willingness to learn, you are likely going to be in-line for a bigger pay cheque, bonus or promotion.

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