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Workplace Animations to Brighten Your Day

Our American colleagues recently posted a blog post highlighting humorous animations that coincide with various parts of our day. We have decided to steal their brilliant idea and make it our own! The animated GIFs bring joy to us all at CareerBuilder. A long and tedious day can be brightened by a simple graphic. Here are some of the best animations and how they relate to the workplace.

How you feel when you jump in at the deep end!

The feeling when you hit your sales target! “Oh I sold more than you, GO ME! “

When you have finally given up on the IT department!

How you feel when your boss has been talking for far too long!

How you feel when Susan in Finance cuts your budget!

The realisation that you need a new job!

Office politics “MIND YA BUSINESS”

My “Thank God It’s Friday” dance!

The moment when James in Marketing takes fashion tips from Snoop Dogg

How you feel when you really don’t have the answer!

Who kissed who at the Christmas party?

What! I’m being promoted?

Don’t say that….. DON’T SAY THAT! Oh no he said that.


The feeling of terror when the creepy cleaner checks the ladies room.

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