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What the Colour You Wear Says about You in Your Job Search

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith the daunting prospect of interview hanging over us, we spend hours practicing our firm handshakes, preparing our faultless answers and learning facts about our potential new company. We all do this because we know that first impressions are made in an instant but that they can last forever. Dressing for success at an interview is a given, but have you ever considered that the colour you choose to wear might be indicating more about your personality than the words that you say?

Here we give you the inside advice on what the colours you wear can subconsciously indicate about who you are – and remember, these can work for more than just that all-important interview, they can be applied to every part of your life from a first date to a dinner party!

Base Colours

White: When you wear white, you are providing a simple base to build your personality upon. Implying more than just the traditional virtue and innocence, wearing white acts like a clean slate that promotes lightness and approachability. Just be vigilant not to get your outfit dirty – it always makes a terrible impression irrespective of the colour!

Black: There’s a multitude of reasons that wearing black is so popular all over the world– from its sophisticated and classy feeling to its apparently slimming properties. However, wearing too much black is very commanding in its impact, implying an authority that can actually make you appear unapproachable or standoffish. Consider if this is how you want to present yourself at an interview and perhaps steer clear of wearing black from head to toe.

Grey: Grey is the colour of subtly and implicit confidence, due to its simple nature. Wearing grey leaves the focus on you and your personality, implying that you don’t need help from your clothing to make a lasting impression. This could be a great opportunity for you to shine, but you need to make sure to make enough impact with your character in order to be remembered.

Primary colours

Yellow: You’d be forgiven for assuming that wearing yellow represents your sunny and cheerful disposition, but it’s actually the hardest colour for the eye to perceive so it can come across a little intimidating. On the other hand, it’s certainly attention-grabbing which means it’s great for ensuring that your interviewer is focused directly on you. Just make sure that you have the personality and knowledge to back up all that attention.

Red: Striking and intense, wearing red is a giant statement. When the eye sees the colour, its presence actually causes the heart to beat faster and stimulates faster breathing – which is why it’s the traditional colour of love. This means that it may appear as aggressive as it does passionate so wear it with care! During job interviews, it’s probably best left to those that need an extra boost of confidence and avoided if you’ve already got a fiery personality.

Blue: Mention the colour blue and it’s instantly associated with serene oceans and cloudless skies – in other words, things that are attractive to almost anyone. Wearing blue actually makes the body release calming chemicals that cause you and those around you feel instantly at ease – what better colour if you’re the type that tends to get a little anxious in an interview situation? Perhaps try some blue jewellery if you’re hesitant to wear the colour all over.

Secondary Colours

Green: Ask someone to describe nature as a colour and it’s almost guaranteed that green will be the answer – so it’s logical that wearing it can make your personality appear genuine, honest and calm. These are great qualities that an interviewer will highly value but it’s also worth noting that green can imply a fixation with wealth due to its link to money and dollar bills. This isn’t necessarily negative, however, instead painting you as driven and eager for success.

Purple: The colour purple doesn’t occur very often in the natural world which means there’s a danger that wearing it can subconsciously make you appear artificial and dishonest. However, this unusualness can also show sophistication and complexity, indicating that you are a successful and well-rounded individual.

Brown: Perhaps even more earthy and evocative of nature than the colour green, wearing brown can suggest your work ethic as genuine, stable and reliable. If you’re worried that the colour can appear a little drab, use it in small measures. For example, wearing a smart pair of brown leather shoes can show that you’ve really got your feet on the ground.

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When Josie isn’t dolling out the fashion-friendly career advice, you’ll find her writing for the likes of The Huffington Post, London’s Metro and anywhere else that will have her.

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