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Workplace Pension Campaign 2013

£Be savings-savvy

Many of us are worried about money at the moment – and all of us need to make our money stretch a bit further.  When it comes to making plans to save for the future, many people find themselves putting it off because they fear they have too little to make it worthwhile, or because they just don’t feel confident about financial planning.

The good news is that there are some easy and affordable ways to becoming more money-savvy:

Stay enrolled in your workplace pension.   By 2018 all UK employers will have to offer a workplace pension and will be automatically enrolling workers into it.  You don’t have to stay opted in – but if you do, your employer has to contribute to it by law.  And you’ll usually get tax relief from the government too – so you really do get extra money!  You can find out more at

Keep track of your money and switch, switch, switch.  Many savings accounts offer great deals when you open them, but these can quite quickly fall. Check out up to date interest rates in your newspaper or online at places like  Mortgages aren’t so easy to switch but its still worth while reviewing at least once a year, sooner if you’re near the end of a fixed rate deal. Try online consumer experts for recommendations on different types of savings products.  This way you’ll be sure to get the maximum return on your precious savings.

Put your savings into an ISA.  ISAs can be a great tax-free way of saving.  You can save from just a few pounds a month so they’re ideal if you just want to regularly put away a small amount.   Ask your bank for their best rates and deals on ISAs – but don’t forget to shop around!

Top up your pension.  Ask your employers’ pension provider whether it will let you make extra contributions to your pension so that it grows faster.  Yet another way to get tax relief!

Top Tip

Use all these tips and your money will be working harder for you.  But our Top Tip is to stay with your workplace pension.  If you pay in to that, your employer has to pay in too – now that really is a good deal! 

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