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Recruiters Discuss What They Look For When Reviewing a CV

© Biitli - Veer.comWhile doing my weekly HR reading, I came across a blog post written by a recruiter discussing what they liked and didn’t like when reviewing CV’s.

Things They Wish People Would Stop:

  • Using MS Word’s resume templates — Period.
  • Writing resumes in first person — Exceptions made for people who do it cleverly.
  • Allowing their resume to be a ridiculous number of pages — Unless you are a college professor with multiple published works, you do not need an 8+ page resume. That is not impressive; that is obnoxious. Condense that bad boy s’il vous plait. Also, I do not care that you worked at Burger King in 1988. I mean, good for you, but no; not relevant.
  • Mixing up first person and third person or present tense and past tense – Pick a voice, pick a tense, and then stick with it. I suggest third person and past tense.
  • Listing an objective at the top of the resume – Dude, seriously? This isn’t 1992.
  • Mailing, faxing, or hand-delivering paper resumes — immediate disqualification. Do not pass go.
  • Sending resumes addressed to the CEO that end up on my desk unopened – This is a gross generalization here and exceptions are made for smaller companies, but um, CEOs don’t read resumes — not the first pass. Also see above re: paper resumes. P.S. We laugh at people who do this.
  • Exaggerating titles and responsibilities — Eventually the truth comes out.

Interested in other tips? Click here to see the full post and discussion!

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