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CV Top Tips

Struggling to decide what to include in your CV? Hopefully we can help! Your CV is the first impression of yourselves that an employer will see – it is important to get it right.

Your CV is your very own Marketing Tool

Your CV is your very own version of a TV or magazine advertisement. You are trying to sell yourself. This is important to remember when addressing your skill set. Ensure that you have included all information that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Remain Professional

An unprofessional email address will mean that the employer will not take you seriously. Your email address should contain your name. For example, is not professional. is.

Optimise your CV for internet purposes

When you upload your CV to a job board always include your personal information at the top of your CV. Remember to include your postcode as recruiters will filter by location. Ensure that you include as many key words as possible (within reason) that relate to the position you are looking for and that highlight your previous skills.


Your potential employer does not know that you were a major contributor in your last role. Show them by detailing the results you achieved. Did you ever undertake a project that saved money? Did you see a large amount of clients in one day? Did you manage anyone?  The results you include will only highlight your employability even more.

Education and Professional Qualifications –  the more the better

Remember to include dates, type of institution, location, subjects and results. List your highest qualifications first. You should also mention the examining body as the employer may request this information.

Keep It Clear

Make sure you lay out your CV clearly. Ensure it is easy to read so that an employer can easily locate information. Do not use animations or fancy fonts. Remember to put your CV in chronological order. Keep grammatical tenses the same.

Get a Second Opinion

Once you have created your CV, double check it. Read your CV as if you are an employer. Get a mate to do the same. Did you put too much emphasis on a job that was five years ago? Do you have spelling mistakes? A fresh pair of eyes is always a good thing!

If in doubt – DO NOT MENTION IT!

We all want our CV to shine and stand out from the rest. If you doubt your ability in a certain area, then it is best to not mention it at all. Employers are looking to utilize all your skills, and if you do not perform you are going to look bad.

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