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CareerBuilder Reveals Highs and Lows of Lift Behaviour

LONDON, 30 October 2012 – New data from, offers a glimpse into the ups and downs of lift behaviour.

Workers Share Most Annoying Lift Behaviour in Study

When asked to identify the most annoying lift habits they see commonly at the office, workers most often cited people sneezing, standing in close proximity for no apparent reason and talking on their mobile. Interestingly, one in five workers even admit to purposely closing the doors when they saw someone else walking toward the lift to get in.

Top annoying habits include:

  • Someone standing too close to you when there is plenty of room in the lift (36 per cent)
  • Someone squeezing into an already crowded lift (36 per cent)
  • Someone not holding the door open when you’re running to get in the lift (30 per cent)
  • Someone taking the lift to go up one or two floors instead of taking the stairs (29 per cent)
  • Someone who won’t move out of the lift to let other people off (28 per cent)
  • Someone talking on their mobile (23 per cent)
  • Someone jumping the queue to get in the lift when other people have been waiting longer (23 per cent)
  • Someone holding the lift door open for an extended period of time because they’re waiting for someone (20 per cent)

Survey Methodology
400 people aged 18-70 from the UK were involved in the survey.


Image Courtesy of: painterman

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