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10 Indestructible Jobs

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Society is changing but some jobs will always stand the test of time – no matter how fast technology evolves and however many machines are invented to do the jobs our great-grand parents once undertook. No matter how much info you can find out on Google and Wikipedia, we will always need people to take care of the sick, teach our children, maintain our cars and keep the tax man at bay!

Here are 10 jobs that do just that:


Illness, disease and infection will always need treating and there is currently a shortage of GPs. As a GP you can take on work outside the practice, such as hospital sessions and occupational health duties. The entry requirements for the five-year degree in medicine usually include three A levels at grades AAB in subjects such as chemistry, biology and either physics or maths.


You’ll provide practical emergency support and advice on fire prevention. As well as local fire brigades, there are work opportunities with separate fire services and institutions, such as the British Airports Authority and Defence Fire Service. This job can be stressful, physically demanding and dangerous. You need good eyesight and physical fitness.


Every time you make yourself a drink, wash yourself or turn on the heating you use equipment installed by a plumber. It can take around three years to reach NVQ Level 3. If you?re prepared to put in the hours to become fully qualified, the opportunities are very good and you could eventually run your own business.


You could find work as a gardener with garden centres or local authorities, private companies or voluntary organisations like the National Trust. You could also set up your own business, offering gardening services to private households. Training is on the job, working towards NVQs.


Secondary school teachers work in state and independent schools and may specialise in one or two subjects, preparing students for exams like GCSEs and A levels. You will need to have Initial Teacher Training at least. In most schools, you may be able to progress to curriculum leader, head of department and eventually head teacher.


You’ll deal with tax and accounts, carry out audits, and advise clients how to improve their business finances. You must pass exams at two or three levels, and complete three years’ supervised work experience. As a private practice accountant, you could work for an accountancy practice or freelance. With experience, you could specialise in an area like audit accounting, become a partner or set up your own practice. UK accountancy qualifications are recognised across the world, so there may be opportunities to work abroad.


Driving instructors
Most driving instructors are self-employed, but you may start by working within a franchised driving school. There may be opportunities to become a senior instructor or a driving school manager. With experience, you can also work as a specialist instructor for a large commercial transport company, bus operator or the emergency services and armed forces.


Car mechanics
There is great demand for trained car mechanics up to Automotive NVQ levels 3. You can work for garages, manufacturers’ service centres, transport companies, breakdown organisations and car dealerships. Jobs also exist with other local authorities, the police and taxi companies. You may have the opportunity to specialise in a particular area, such as electrics, engine conversions or a specific vehicle make.


Estate agents
Most employers are more interested in skills and experience rather than particular qualifications. You can work as an estate agent all over the UK, with promotion ranging from sales negotiator to senior negotiator and management jobs. Larger chains of estate agents may offer more opportunities. With experience, you could become self-employed or set up your own agency.


Nannies work in private houses and are responsible for all aspects of childcare. Duties vary depending on the number and ages of the children in their care. Many employers and employment agencies will prefer you to have a childcare qualification. As a qualified and experienced nanny, you could move into nursery nursing.

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