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Day in the Life Series: Vehicle Parts Consultant

Your car has broken down and you are stressing out! How am I going to get to work? How am I going to take the kids to school? When you take your car back to the dealership to be fixed it usually takes a while for a part to come in. That’s because that part have to be sourced from elsewhere.  In this week’s Day in The Life Series, we spoke to a Vehicle Parts Consultant for a major car manufacturer.

Can you sum up your main responsibilities?

My main responsibilities are looking up and ordering parts for the workshop and also for retail and trade customers.

Did you require further education to get to your current position? 

I started as an apprentice.  It was further education but on the job. It was a route that I preferred.

What are the working hours like?

My work hours are strenuous: 7.30am until 5pm Monday to Friday and every other Saturday 8.30am until 1pm.

What are the pluses and minuses of working as a Vehicle Parts Consultant? 

Being in the trade, I have access to discount on car, car parts and the connections that can fix my car for free. The Minuses are that the job is tedious and progression is a slow process. The work hours aren’t the best either.

What has been your greatest achievement of your career? 

I managed to complete my apprenticeship early. They wanted me on a full time contract – so pushed for me to complete the NVQ as quickly as possible.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? 

Although it has been interesting and I have explored my opportunities within the automotive industry, I am not sure if I wish to continue. I would like to possibly return to university and increase my options.
Do you think the benefits and rewards match up to your expectations? 

Everyone wants a pay rise, but I think overall the benefits and rewards do match my expectations.

How are the social aspects at your workplace?

My department is very small and a lot of what I do is over the phone or using online databases. This means the social aspects are not great. It allows me to get my head down and just get on with my work though.


Image Courtesy of Skyro

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