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Day in The Life Series: Site Engineer

You arrive at the station to find the entire line has been suspended. It’s hard to get past that initial anger but there is a genuine reason that these suspensions are in place. In this week’s Day in The Life Series we caught up with a Site Engineer who works on the rails, fixing the problems so that we are able to get to work safely every day.

Can you sum up your main responsibilities?

My responsibilities consist of general management of building works and staff, ordering materials, managing health and safety, programming works, and keeping track of project spend.

Did you require further education to get to your current position? 

Yes, I went to university and obtained a degree in civil engineering.

What are the working hours like? 

As a contractor the hours are long. Typically 07.00 – 18.00. Working on the railway involves lots of 12 hour weekend shifts and nights as this is when trains can be suspended or diverted.

What are the pluses and minuses of working as a site engineer?

I have a great work environment. I get to work outside in the sunshine but that also means having to work in the rain. The hours are long and sometimes antisocial.

What has been your greatest achievement of your career?

Achieving my professional qualification as an incorporated engineer with the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?    

Working my way thought the levels to agent with full responsibility for all aspects of a project.

Do you think the benefits and rewards match up to your expectations?   

Although there are stressful moments, overall, yes. 

How are the social aspects at your workplace?

 Working very long hours with a very close team means we are all very good friends. We often organise evenings out and even weekends away. They boost morale and keep the teams strong.

 Image Courtesy of michelini

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