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Archive for August, 2012

Four ‘Silent’ Productivity Killers »

Meetings that run on, a computer bug that takes half a day to resolve or organisational red tape.  We can all recognise snags that sap our productivity at work. Yet do we identify less obvious sources of wasted time and energy as easily?  ‘Silent’ productivity killers such as email spam and even a disorganised desk […]

Jobs that pay £40,000 – £45,000 »

Fancy earning £40,000 plus a year? We reveal six well-paid roles that pay £40,000-£45,000 on average (according to the latest Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings), what it takes to get them – and what kind of starting salary to expect. 1. Solicitors: £44,552 Solicitors advise their clients – who might be individuals, organisations, companies […]

Know Your Rights in an Unfair Dismissal »

In economic times such as these, employers, facing lower profits or even losses, often have to make difficult decisions regarding staff. Unfortunately, some employers attempt to circumvent employment laws when downsizing in order to lower costs. Employees do have rights, however; if an employer doesn’t follow the correct procedure when dismissing an employee, it could […]

Is Your CV Extinct? 7 Things to Update »

Job hunting is always hard work. You look through job ads, send out applications, go to interviews and improve your networking. And you’re still not getting any offers? Take a closer look at your CV. It is your first chance for a great impression with your potential future employer. This document has more power than […]

Message from DWP: Get your pension the easy way – from your employer! »

As the population grows older most of us can look forward to around 20 years in retirement. This is good news. A comfortable retirement should be a reward for years spent at work. But what if we haven’t saved up for our retirement? Our dreams of time spent on holidays and hobbies might never come […]

Day in the Life Series: Vehicle Parts Consultant »

Your car has broken down and you are stressing out! How am I going to get to work? How am I going to take the kids to school? When you take your car back to the dealership to be fixed it usually takes a while for a part to come in. That’s because that part […]

10 Ways to Overcome Your Career Change Fears »

By Nisa Chitakasem, Founder of Position Ignition. Career change is one of the biggest life transitions there is, so it’s little wonder that many of us approach the process with fear and trepidation. We’re afraid that we’ll choose the wrong career, that we won’t be able to get a job, that our friends and family […]

Day in The Life Series: Site Engineer »

You arrive at the station to find the entire line has been suspended. It’s hard to get past that initial anger but there is a genuine reason that these suspensions are in place. In this week’s Day in The Life Series we caught up with a Site Engineer who works on the rails, fixing the […]

Britain’s Most Dangerous Jobs »

You might have yawned your way through the office health and safety presentation, but for employees working in the UK’s most dangerous jobs, following the correct safety procedures could mean the difference between life and death. Farmers, fishermen and construction workers are among those most likely to experience injury or loss of life at work […]

How extra-curricular activities can improve employability »

We often hear it said that the benefits of a university education don’t stop at honing your intellect. It’s as much to do with self-development, they say; meeting new people; and exposing yourself to many new influences. There is, however, another crucial dimension that is often overlooked, and that is getting involved with extra-curricular activities. […]