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Thank You Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

On July 16th, Stephen Covey, the world renowned author, entrepenuer and orator, died. At the Corner Office, we were disappointed to hear this. Stephen Covey fostered in us our early ideas of efficiency, fairness and problem solving – both in the work place and at home. He reminded us that most things in life were able to be tackled by using the correct approach.

I remember the first time my dad suggested that I read “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. I responded, “Absolutley, of course” knowing full well, it would go to the bottom of the book file. But I read it, eventually. I realised that everything Dr. Covey was saying were things that I already knew but wasn’t able to articulate. Each of the habits illustrates basic problem solving. Yes, you should take a challenge head on. Yes, it’s better to understand a sitaution rather that going in like a charging bull. Above all, Stephen Covey reminds us that the most important habit to develop is the one to take care of yourself. To read about all seven of the habits, click here.

Thank you Dr. Covey. All potentinal entrepenuers, office employees and potential leaders of the world should read your book. You inspired this young worker to always be fair and diligent. We will always remember you fondly.

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