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50% of UK Workers Have Gained Weight in Their Current Role

Our slow moving working lifestyles may be taking its toll on our heath according to our new survey. Half of UK workers (50%) have gained weight since starting their current job and 15% have gained nearly 1.5 stone (9kg) – the equivalent to a Corgi! 

Why the weight gain? 65% believe their weight gain is caused by sitting behind a desk for most of the day and ironically, nearly six in ten workers (59%) don’t even take time away from their work station to eat lunch! It’s hardly surprising therefore that we also struggle to exercise during our lunch breaks with 84% of us saying we don’t have time to do so.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of workers surveyed say they snack at least twice during the working day with 9% snacking more than three times! Other reasons given for waistlines expanding include eating because of stress (43%) and eating out regularly (10%).

What can you do to get yourself in shape for Marbs?

  • Snack healthy – Snacking can seem innocent when done in small bits and pieces, but the extra calories will start to add up quickly. Keep plenty of veggies and fruits in the office fridge so you have a healthier choice on hand.
  • Pack your lunch – Bringing your lunch to work helps you better control your portions and also saves you money.
  • Choose water – Drink water throughout the day instead of caffeinated drinks or juices. This helps make you feel fuller faster, and cuts down on the calories.
  • Sneak in some exercise – Take daily walks with a colleague, replace your chair with an exercise ball for part of the day, and keep small weights at your desk – all quick and easy solutions to help stay fit and trim.

Survey Methodology 100 people aged 18-70 from the UK were involved in the survey.

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