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Archive for July, 2012

The Lazy Worker’s Way to Success »

Do you know your share of slackers at work? Mostly, they are intelligent people who could easily upstage everyone else’s efforts if they applied themselves a bit more. Yet, while everyone else is in panic mode trying to get ahead, while the slackers know how to fulfill their obligations, get decent feedback and enjoy a […]

10 Secrets to Leaving a Great Impression »

By Nisa Chitakasem, Founder of Position Ignition. Whether it’s a job interview or networking event, leaving a great impression is extremely important. Think not only about what you say, but how you say it, what your body language conveys and what you do to follow up after the event. When it comes to landing a […]

Thank You Seven Habits of Highly Effective People »

On July 16th, Stephen Covey, the world renowned author, entrepenuer and orator, died. At the Corner Office, we were disappointed to hear this. Stephen Covey fostered in us our early ideas of efficiency, fairness and problem solving – both in the work place and at home. He reminded us that most things in life were able to be tackled […]

74% of British workers feel burned out in their current job »

As unemployed workers contend with a highly competitive job market, the post-recession workplace norm of smaller staffs, longer hours and increased workloads is taking its toll on those currently employed. Seventy-four per cent of British workers say they feel burnout in their current job with more than one-in-ten stating they feel burned out all the […]

Who’s hiring in July? »

It’s summer and that means no one is hiring and everyone is on holiday? Wrong! If you are looking for a new job this summer, these 10 companies are hiring right now. Since 1991, Carluccio’s restaurants have been the renowned home of fresh, authentic Italian food throughout the UK. The company has more than 57 […]

Top telephone interview tips »

Firstly, if you have a telephone interview for a job – well done! You have interested a potential employer or recruiter enough for them to arrange a telephone interview with you. This is often an intermediary stage, following application, to whittle down candidates to a more manageable amount for face-to-face interviews; it can occasionally be […]

50% of UK Workers Have Gained Weight in Their Current Role »

Our slow moving working lifestyles may be taking its toll on our heath according to our new survey. Half of UK workers (50%) have gained weight since starting their current job and 15% have gained nearly 1.5 stone (9kg) – the equivalent to a Corgi!  Why the weight gain? 65% believe their weight gain is caused by sitting […]

Why You’re Always Cold (or Hot) at Work »

Is your office too cold, too hot or just right? As you grab your favourite jumper — again — and curse management for banning additional heaters, the answer might be easy … until you look around. As your teeth chatter uncontrollably, the person sitting right next to you is typing away, comfortable as can be, in […]