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How to make a successful career switch: 5 smart methods

Career Switch © wibaimages - Fotolia.comDo you dislike the idea of a job for life? Perhaps you have simply reached the end of the road in your current job and you want to do something more rewarding and fulfilling instead.

Whatever the reason might be for considering a complete change of career, it makes sense to boost your chances of making the leap. Here are some tips to help you feel more confident about your chances of switching careers.

1. Know which direction you are heading in.
Knowing you want to leave your current career in favour of another one is not enough. You must know which career you want to step into. This knowledge will allow you to explore what skills are required for your new career, and whether you need any new qualifications.

2. Can you switch careers while staying with the same employer?
This is more likely to be possible if you work for a large employer with several different departments. For example, if you work on the shop floor at a major chain store perhaps you could switch to working in HR instead. There are lots of businesses big enough to incorporate lots of different working roles. Consider this route first – if there is nothing else you would enjoy doing you can start looking at other career paths instead.

3. Go for a career you feel passionate about.
It’s possible to feel excited about any career to begin with. But if you find you have a real passion for something, it rarely goes away. You’ll know when you have found it – it won’t feel like a job or work at all. The secret to your own passion could lie in your hobbies or pastimes, so consider every possibility you can find.

4. Study for your new career – even if you are not required to get new qualifications.
Some careers require you to hold a degree or other specialist qualification. But even if your new career requires neither of these things you should still make a point of studying towards it. It may be as simple as brushing up on old skills you have long since forgotten how to use. But whatever you do to study for your next career you should recognise that all studying pays dividends eventually.

5. Send out the word.
It’s worth remembering that you don’t have to approach your proposed career switch alone. If you know what career you want to move into, spread the word and talk with your friends and family members about it. It could well be that one of them will have some useful information on your career choice, or know someone who already works in that field. They may even know of a job opportunity you could apply for.

It’s not enough to decide on a change of career. You have to create a plan of action to get you from A to B. By implementing the above suggestions you should find it easier to make this life changing journey.

This guest post was written by Allison at, which provides a wide range of tutors for all types of students.

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