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Archive for December, 2011

What The Stars Did Before They Were Famous »

Most successful people are driven by an innate self-belief and self-confidence that spurs them to continue looking for a sniff of opportunity that may lead onto something bigger. And in their quest to secure that lucky break they still have to make a living like the rest of us. While these wannabe celebrities were working […]

How to be Confident in an Interview »

This is a guest post by Nisa Chitakasem, Founder of Career Consulting Company Position Ignition. It’s particularly understandable why so many of us find job interviews to be so challenging. You’re effectively meeting a stranger—or maybe more than one—face to face in an unfamiliar environment in order to sell yourself to their organisation. And yet […]

How Long Until You Earn Your First Million? »

When you’re not part of the upper crust, making your first million quid may seem like a joke to the average person. But depending on how long you have been in the work force and which career you are pursuing — you may already be close to the magic number without even knowing it. True — you’ve […]

10 Networking Tips for Your Job Search »

This is a guest post by Nisa Chitakasem, Founder of Career Consulting Company Position Ignition. When done smartly, networking can be an important part of your job search strategy. Through networking, we  meet new people who can give us insider advice and information on an organisation or industry, or even help set up an opportunity […]

Dos and Don’ts for the Office Christmas Party »

The office Christmas party conjures up images of drunk colleagues, uncomfortable ‘secret Santas’ and business banter with the office bore. So is it any wonder that so many people start looking for a job in the New Year? And why does the line ‘What I don’t like about office Christmas parties is looking for a […]

Job Seeker Story: Using Social Media Helped Create Buzz Around My Profile »

Charles Lowe is looking for a job. The former Interim Head of Business Systems decided to try a different approach to his job search. He posted a status on his LinkedIn Account that said, “Another week of job hunting starts. Please click LIKE or comment to draw attention to me Thanks ;-).” In one week […]

Rev up your job search during Christmas time »

Many people believe the myth that companies stop hiring during the whirlwind of winter holidays. Although hiring does taper in December, hiring activity never really stops — something to consider if you’re considering ramping up the job hunt in the new year. This is the time when companies finalize their budgets for the coming year […]

19,000 new higher apprenticeships in the UK »

Business Secretary Vince Cable recently announced details of how Government funding will support thousands of apprenticeships up to degree equivalent, enabling employers, colleges and universities to deliver the advanced skills most critical for growth in the UK. £18.7m from the Higher Apprenticeship Fund will support the development of 19,000 new Higher Apprenticeships in sectors including […]

A Day in The Life: Business Energy Advisor »

Based in Camden in London, uSwitchforBusiness is a team of 35 business experts, who help their customers to get a better deal on gas and electricity for their business by getting quotes from across the market on their behalf. Today Lauren Pope from uSwitch explains exactly what a Business Energy Advisor does on a daily […]