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Archive for November, 2011

Employees spend up to five weeks per year commuting »

British employees spend nearly 200 hours a year travelling to and from work – adding up to around five weeks extra work – according to a TUC analysis of official statistics. Those long commutes can get stressful and expensive – and they are not always necessary. Longest commutes for men and in London The TUC […]

Does an MBA make a difference? »

Approximately 12,000 MBAs graduate each year from UK business schools, according to the Careers Advisory Service at the University of Kent. But is the investment of time and money worth it? Can this piece of paper really magically transport you to a better place? Some MBA critics point to the many successful CEOs and entrepreneurs […]

What can celebrities teach us about work? »

Famous people aren’t necessarily the best role models  – whether they’re drinking too much, spending too much or breaking the law, they make as many if not more mistakes than as us non-famous types.  One thing’s for sure, though: most of them have toiled pretty hard to get where they are today, whether it be […]

How to Succeed at Twitter Networking »

By Nisa Chitakasem, co-founder of Position Ignition It’s generally accepted by most people who think about the areas of recruitment and employment that Twitter can be a very powerful job search tool indeed. Whether you’re finding your first job, aiming to switch jobs, changing careers, or looking for work experience or a voluntary placement, Twitter’s […]

Why employers don’t tell the truth in the hiring interview »

This is an article by guest blogger Jorg Stegemann. Well, let’s assume that most hiring managers don’t do this on purpose. But still it happens regularly that candidates sign for a work contract and find a different job on their first day in the office. What are the possible reasons for that and what can […]

Infographic: Job Search in the UK 2011 »

A while ago we asked you in a survey to share your thoughts about your job search experience this year. So what is the job search like? We put the essential statements that sum up the job seeker’s point of view in an infographic (click to enlarge).  

Three Questions All Jobseekers Should Ask Themselves »

By Simon North, co-founder of Position Ignition Before you even begin the job search process, take the time to ask yourself these three questions so you don’t rush in blindly. Preparing properly now will save you mistakes and time in the long run. Clarity is the first and most important key to finding the right […]