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Archive for September, 2011

The $3.6 million MBA salary »

A new MBA salary survey has found that Harvard Business School graduates earn, on average US$3.6m over a 20 year, post-graduation time period. Other business school alumni that attended top ranked MBA programs in the US enjoyed similar accumulated salaries over the past 20 years. MBA alumni from the Wharton School, Stanford University, Columbia Business […]

Infographic: You Just May Be a Workaholic »

Are you spending most of your day with thinking about work – even when you’re not at work? Would you sometimes rather be at work than at home and do you rarely take some time off? Not even when you’re ill? A few weeks ago The Corner Office asked you some questions about the topic […]

How to Use a Headhunter for Your Career »

This is an article by guest blogger Jorg Stegemann. Are you looking for a job yourself the old-fashioned way or do you use a specialist? Some people are reluctant to use a professional recruiter. This is wrong as a good headhunter has what you don’t have: inside information and the knowledge of jobs before they […]

5 Reasons Why Distance Learning Could Help You Get Your Ideal Job »

If you’re stuck in a rut at work and not making much progress with finding a more rewarding position — a common situation for many people thanks to the recent economic climate — then you may want to consider broadening your knowledge or formalising your existing proficiency with a relevant vocational qualification. It may be […]

Is Workplace Romance Really Taboo? »

You might have heard the warnings “don’t dip your pen in the company ink,” “don’t go fishing off the company pier,” in the U.S., and “don’t mix business with pleasure,” but for today’s worker, that advice is considered outdated. With more time spent on the job, an emphasis on group collaboration and increased socialising with […]