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Archive for August, 2011

10 Fake Excuses for Calling in Sick »

It’s 6 a.m. and you are about to throw the alarm clock out the window. It’s too cold out, you’re tired, you had one too many in the pub last night, you’ve really got to clean your flat, and, most importantly, you haven’t had much time to watch your favourite TV show recently. “Just throw […]

High-paying jobs in the UK – no degree required » The job market has been getting tougher during the past few years. Many of today’s job seekers are now looking for a job because their companies were laying off workers, not because they wanted to change jobs. As a result, many people thought of going back to school to gain a competitive edge in […]

10 jobs you can get with your GCSEs »

For many, the road to success cuts through college and often graduate school. But the skyrocketing cost of education coupled with the widespread squeeze on people’s bank accounts and time often makes this impossible. Millions of people find themselves in this situation including those who: – Have their GCSEs – Have some work experience, but […]

Body language in the job interview »

Your CV is nearly flawless and your outfit was perfect. You came prepared and answered all questions, you talked about your strengths and weaknesses and all in all, the interview went well. But then you are rejected. What went wrong? The reason you didn’t land the job may have been something you showed rather than […]

10 Ways to Get Fired for Using Facebook »

Social media has entered almost every sphere of our lives. While it brings a lot of good things and help people find jobs, there is also the risk of losing your job for misusing social media. A rising number of employees are making careless comments about their work, managers or customers on the popular social media […]

How Fun is Your Office? »

The Corner Office thinks having fun at work is very important. According to a just published survey by the recruitment group Adecco, 74% of British workers do too! So why are our jobs so boring? It boils down to the current state of the economy – not a huge surprise. When times are tough, businesses […]

8 High Stress Jobs — Is Yours on This List? »

Lost productivity due to workplace stress and depression has risen in the past two decades and is estimated to cost the UK economy more than £12 billion a year, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). “Stress,” says the CIPD, “arises when [employees] worry that they cannot cope” — affecting more than […]

Is Your Job Making You Ill? »

We’ve probably all experienced that horrendous Sunday-night feeling. You know the one — the dread of waking the following morning and having to face another round of deadlines, the boss from Hell or another 60-hour week. Unpleasant, certainly. But could stress in your job actually affect your health? According to health psychologist and independent consultant […]

Survey: Are You a Workaholic? »

There can be times when your work day is crammed with a million things. Then you can hardly occupy your mind with anything but work. As the responsible employee that you are, you also spend a lot of your free time finishing that project. The important thing is that these times usually pass and more […]

Bad Bosses: A Sad Reality »

We all have them and sometimes don’t want them. What’s that you say? BOSSES. They can make or break your day. They have the power to help move you forward or hold you back. Just like in the new movie Horrible Bosses, stories that seem comical can really be scary and close to the truth. Lots […]