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When Interviewing, Telling The Truth is Worth It!

Let’s set the scene. You are on an interview for a job. At this point, you REALLY need a job. The interviewer starts the conversations with an easy question: “Do like to work in a group function?” The little voice in your head says, “No way – it’s the worst!” But your mouth opens are responds, “Of course, I really thrive in that type of environment.” Do you think you are doing yourself a disservice?

Yes, honesty is the best policy especially on a job interview. In a recently published study by the London Business School, by answering questions honestly or through “self verification striving”, you are actually helping yourself in the long run. These candidates that answer with honesty are the potential employees who will be better engaged at work, feel a stronger commitment to their employer and most outrageous – they actually performed better. Interviewees that self verify are better employees in the long run. They wouldn’t want to be in a role that they didn’t perform well in.

It’s sometimes difficult to evaluate yourself in the moment of the interview. A really good exercise prior to going on an interview would be to make a list of things you like and dislike about your current or past roles. Are you a group person or a lone ranger when it comes to projects? Do you like to come up with ideas or implement them? Long term, would you like growth or happy at your current level? By answering some simple questions, you too can be “self verification striving”.

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  1. Bernadette carter | Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    I recently went for a 2nd interveiw. I know you are not supposed to count your chickens, but thought I was in with a chanch! Only to be told we have two late internal applicants??? No decision can be made till these have been interveiwed. Dont know what to make of the company or should I not wait around for the outcome………

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