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The Most Unusual Excuses for Calling in Sick

unusual excuses for calling in sickHave you ever had a hair transplant gone bad or been attacked by a shark? According to a study by, some employees give quite unusual excuses for missing a work day.

Employers check up on suspicious staff

Of course it is tempting to call in sick for a day or two this summer to enjoy the nice weather. However, the study proves that honesty is your best policy. Half (50 per cent) of UK employers reported that they have checked up on an employee who called in sick. Thirteen percent have fired an employee for not having a legitimate reason for missing work. Employers suspecting employees of faking a sicky have used different tactics to investigate the absence, such as asking for a doctor’s note or calling the employee, especially if the employee is a chronic offender.

When asked to share examples of the most unusual excuses they received from workers calling in sick, employers in Europe and the US reported the following:

  • Employee’s foot was stuck in the toilet.
  • Employee said someone threw a garden gnome through his window.
  • Employee claimed to be attacked by a shark.
  • Employee witnessed someone being pushed under a train.
  • Employee had a nightmare and felt out of sorts.
  • Employee was intoxicated by burning vines.
  • Employee got her finger stuck in a car door.
  • Employee injured his leg chasing his dog to prevent it from attacking a rabbit.
  • Employee had to take his mother shopping.
  • Employee said a chicken attacked his mom.
  • Employee’s finger was stuck in a bowling ball.
  • Employee fell asleep at his desk while working and hit his head, causing a neck injury.
  • Employee had a hair transplant gone bad.
  • Employee said he wasn’t feeling too clever that day.
  • Employee said a cow broke into her house.
  • Employee burned her mouth on a pumpkin pie.
  • Employee called in sick from a bar at 5:00 p.m. the night before.

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