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Are You Prepared Enough For Your Next Job Interview?

It’s important to prepare well for an interview in order to give you the greatest chance of success. Nisa Chitakasem, co-founder of UK based executive career change firm Position Ignition, gives adequate answers to a few questions you should ask yourself as you get ready for the important day.

How can I be a good interviewee?
A good interviewee is one that applies the answer to the above question and stays very present, listening well, watching the cues, taking a lead but not losing control. It is a fine balance and you need to be really on your mettle. Ultimately a good employee is always well prepared for the process.

How do I know what to wear for an interview?
Where possible, check out the website and look at what people typically wear at that organisation, even if you need to go and see them as they arrive or leave work. If you can’t do that, see if you can ask somebody that knows. On balance, you don’t want to overdress or definitely underdress, but go slightly above what is normal. If in doubt, go smart-casual. If you intuitively feel it’s more than that, then wear a suit.

How do I present myself as a candidate?
There are some very basic tactical things about presenting yourself as a candidate, which include:

  • Being on time
  • Looking smart
  • Being prepared
  • Not attracting any attention (i.e. yawning, smelling of alcohol, etc.)

The most important of these is when you’re in the key moment of a process and you are needing to be authentic and where those who you are meeting are impressed by you. That’s not about your performance, because performance implies ego. This is when your preparation and your genuine interest pays off.

What do I know about the interviewer(s) that I’m meeting?
Where possible, find out who’s going to be interviewing you. Just knowing their job position and their positional status can help a lot. Are they the decision-maker or influencer? Are they going to interview you because they can decide on giving you the job or not? The more you know about them, the more you have the chance to understand what they need. The needs of an HR manager are very different to the needs of an HR director. The things you want to be talking about with each could be different. The types of question that you might ask them will be different.


About the Author:
Nisa Chitakasem is the co-founder of UK based executive career change firm, Position Ignition. For personal career support through your career change or job search visit For more Position Ignition career tips visit their career change blog.

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  1. Tim Spence | Aug 28, 2011 | Reply

    A lot of good tips that are so often over looked! Preparation really is every thing. Dress is difficult erpsially for an engineer who hasn’t worked for 7 1/2 years! but still requires adequate attention

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