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Britain’s best summer jobs

The summer season brings some good opportunities and a lot of work so that finding a job for the summer months becomes an easy affair.

While students looking to fill their wallets and pass the time make up a large portion of summer workers, seasoned professionals are on the hunt for work, too. Anyone looking to make a little extra money, whether a teacher on summer break or a retiree who doesn’t want the pressure of a permanent job, can take advantage of the bump in summer hiring. Some industries also hire more workers now as they rely on good weather and warmer temperatures.

Here are some positions to consider as you head out on your summer job hunt:

Personal trainer
Shake up the standard gym workout by taking clients on a trail run, a bike ride or for a workout in the park. Who knows — you may even find yourself with a new, year-round career as the fitness industry in the UK is strong and expected to grow further.

Construction worker
Although times are tough for the construction industry in 2011, the long, warm days of summer help in making it a good time to look for a construction job.

Restaurant servers
With sunny weather comes the ability to dine alfresco, which means people will find any excuse to eat out all summer long. Restaurants hire more staff, such as hosts, hostesses and servers, to accommodate the increase in patrons.

Retail sales associates
Working in retail is the tried and true rite of passage for many teenagers, and it’s also a good seasonal job for experienced workers who have established customer service skills. Employers need all the help they can get because people need summer wardrobes, vacation attire and, at the tail end of the break, back-to-school fashion. Not to mention all the other gadgets you wind up buying, like sporting equipment, landscaping materials and a barbecue grill that you don’t need but can’t resist.

Hotel and resort staff
When vacationers want to get away from their daily grind, they like to be pampered in full-amenity hotels and resorts. Somebody’s got to do the legwork, which includes working the front desk and attending to other visitor needs.

Child care workers
When children are no longer in class, parents who have jobs outside the home are suddenly forced to find something for them to do eight hours each day. During the summer months, many parents take refuge in child care, whether in the form of a private caretaker or a professional facility.

Landscape assistant
Revisit the summer vacations of your youth, spent mowing the neighbour’s lawn, and apply for a job as a landscaper or landscaping assistant. While away summer days creating scenic pathways through parks, increasing the curb appeal of a house on the market or beautifying outdoor spaces for shopping centers or college campuses.

Lifeguards may get paid to sit on the beach, but there’s more to the job than just that. They also must possess the skill and mental acuity to respond quickly to emergencies. Beach lifeguards, for example, must pass rigorous physical tests before receiving their certification, and guards at many amusement parks go through weekly training sessions to ensure that their first-aid and rescue skills are up-to-date.

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