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Archive for June, 2011

9 companies hiring in July »

Different surveys and statistics show positive signs for the UK jobs market. Further jobs are being created over the coming six months, according to the Agents’ summary of business conditions by the Bank of England. A survey by CBI and Harvey Nash Employment found that job growth happens in the private sector and employment prospects […]

Office Betting – Is everyone taking the gamble? »

Every year in offices all over the country, bets are being placed. 73% of the adult population participated in some sort of gambling activity in 2010. Bets were placed on Women’s World Cup Matches, Cricket tournaments and FA cup finals. It doesn’t cost a lot to play. £5 to get two countries out of a hat. £10 to […]

How to make the most of your job search with LinkedIn »

By Nisa Chitakasem, co-founder of Position Ignition LinkedIn is the world’s biggest social networking website for professionals. Although many of us are on LinkedIn, few of us truly know how to make the most of it, especially for job search. There’s so much more to seeking work on LinkedIn than browsing the job listings. Following […]

Are You Prepared Enough For Your Next Job Interview? »

It’s important to prepare well for an interview in order to give you the greatest chance of success. Nisa Chitakasem, co-founder of UK based executive career change firm Position Ignition, gives adequate answers to a few questions you should ask yourself as you get ready for the important day. How can I be a good […]

The Midlands Are Growing in the Number of Vacancies »

According to The Independent today, the Midlands are leading the economic recovery in the UK! Great news! Historically, the article goes on to say, that the Midlands are an employment dark spot for the UK. The growth has occurred in the manufacturing sector. A surprise considering that is usually a poor growth area in other […]

Top Ten Companies Hiring In June »

Every month we like to showcase companies that are recruiting. It’s hard to stay positive with what is going on in the news: no job growth, inflation rising, house pricing stagnating… you get the idea. So let’s focus on the good stuff. Scotland is seeing a boom. The UK overall is seeing an increase in […]

Your Job Could Be Making You Fat! »

Yes the headline is true! According to a study done by an American consultative firm, Americans are working in jobs that are 50% less active than they were fifty years ago. No longer are we required to stand for eight hours a day – we sit at computers and send emails. The same applies to […]

Britain’s best summer jobs »

The summer season brings some good opportunities and a lot of work so that finding a job for the summer months becomes an easy affair. While students looking to fill their wallets and pass the time make up a large portion of summer workers, seasoned professionals are on the hunt for work, too. Anyone looking […]