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Can Reading the News Help You at Work?

Reading to Get Smarter at WorkThe Corner Office likes Business Acumen. We talk about it during our weekly catch-ups, during quarterly reviews and annual updates. Why? Because to be the best employee you always need to be learning. Employees who learn drive business forward with new processes and ideas. Listed below are some tips and publications to help you get better.

  1. Read or watch business minded publication – Once a week you should take some time out to read a publication that doesn’t list the most recent footballers evening activities. Find out what companies are growing, new laws have come into effect, new processes that companies are implementing. Did you know Google changed its algorithm? Did you know the President of the IMF is in jail? These topics will not only make you sound really smart during your elevenses but give you some insight what is on manager’s mind.
  2. Find a specific publication to your industry – Do you work in a certain sector? It’s always good to be up to date on what is going on. New regulation – very important. Competitor declares bankruptcy – clients are going to need a new solution.
  3. Set up Search Alerts – Most search engines have an alert system. These will let you know when your companies name (or any other keyword) is mentioned on the internet. It’s a great way to find out what people are saying about your company or your competition.
  4. Biographies – Captains of Industry and Pillars of History make difficult decisions. Reading how they dealt with these will help you shed some light on coping with your own person decisions. Be inspired knowing that you aren’t alone in your issues.
  5. Get a Mentor – The Corner Office knows that you can’t learn everything on your own. Find someone (within or outside of your business) that you admire but also can learn something from. Do they have a job that you would someday want to have? Do they have a mind for coming up with new innovations? Have they been successful? Make a short list of questions, buy them a cuppa and get them talking.

These are just the beginning. Employees who evolve will move ahead. They aren’t asking their job to teach them, they will have to find it themselves. Make yourself smarter and savvier by following the above tips.

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