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Using The Right Keywords For Your Job Search

Keywords for your job huntNot finding the job you want? With a large number of people hunting for fewer jobs, you need to have the right strategy on hand to be successful with your job search.

The majority of the hiring companies recruit new employees through online job adverts. When browsing through the job openings, you may still not be getting the results you want. It may even seem to you that there really aren’t any qualified vacancies. But you need to adapt your online job search strategy to the limited number of jobs. The reason you are not satisfied with your search results may be that you are not applying the right keywords.

You can use keywords in many ways to make your job search more efficient. They help you refine your searches until you get results in the job listings that closely match the type of position you are looking for. There are different ways of looking at the position you want and that means there are different types of keywords you can enter.

More than just your job title
You can alternate your search by entering your “preferred” job title first and see what other job titles come up when you search. Then you can take some of those and search again. But don’t just focus on particular job titles. Instead, try to focus more on the duties, skills and responsibilities on your search because this is what you want to match.

Pull terms from job postings
A good way to find out which keywords could be best for targeting skills is by reading job postings that you think are perfect for you. You can pull some terms from there and use them in your next search. Job postings always include the experience and skills required for that job. If your job includes working with specific computer programmes or requires specialist skills, try entering these as search terms. For example, working as a web designer you need to know HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Company, location and type of job
If you are looking for a certain type of position in a specific area, you can add these keywords to your search. Let’s assume you are a marketing assistant, looking for a part-time job in Liverpool. Then just enter these terms into the search box. Depending on the job board you’re using, most have an extra box for the location, like for example here at You can also narrow down your search to look for openings at a specific company by typing their name into the search box.

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