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Is Calling In Sick Too Common in the UK?

When was the last time you called in sick? For most in the UK, the average worker takes 10 days per year.  According to a recently released study from PWC, the UK is much higher than the US (5.5 days) and Asia (4.5 days) but similar to the European counterparts at 9.7 days. The article continues stating that because of laws that favour employers in the US, it makes people less comfortable with taking sick days. But you have to ask yourself – What are people using as a guideline to decide whether or not they should stay home?

At The Corner Office, we are committed to our jobs –  through colds, fevers and flu. This might not be smart – especially when the entire office gets sick because of your germs. So below we have put together some good guidelines to use as a test for whether or not you can go to work. Obviously, check with your manager for the final opinion!

1. You have a fever – Yes, stay home. Usually a good indication of being contagious. You can definitely check with the NHS as well.

2. Your dog is sick – Not a good reason to stay home.

3. Your boiler is broken – Not a good reason to stay home.

4. Your children are sick – A good reason to stay home.

5. You had WAY too much fun last night – Not a good reason to stay home.

6. Last night’s curry didn’t go down so well – Stay home.

7. Your salon can only fit you in at 11am – Not a good reason to stay home.

8. The sun is shining – While enticing, NOT a good reason to stay home.

9. The snow has cancelled all train and bus services – Stay home.

10. Your sister/mother/friend needs you to run an errand – Not a good reason to stay home.

A point of note: If you are going to take a “sickie” or have a duvet day, make sure you don’t blow your cover on Facebook. Many a great excuse has been found out that way. We would love to hear your best/worst sick day stories. Was your company super tolerant or did you have a really good excuse? Let us know!

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