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Using Twitter to Find a New Job

Every day there are about 50 million tweets. Of those tweets, about 40% is useless babble. But dig a little deeper: 37.6% is conversational, 3% is news and 8% has pass along value. Somewhere amongst those stats are companies using Twitter to advertise their recruitment needs. Twitter is a great way to keep up to date on hiring trends among the companies that you would like to work at, but also to be up to date with the latest jobseeker tools. At the Corner Office, we use CareerbuilderUK to keep up to date on blog posts and other searching advice.

For today though, I would like to highlight the different ways companies use to present themselves on Twitter. Which way is the best? That is up to you – the jobseeker – to decide. 140 characters can be a powerful way to share information.

Some companies post all their roles. While not as exciting to read, you definitely get a good idea of where they have jobs and who they are looking for:

Jobs at RBS

Tragus Group

Others look to be more conversational. They talk about what is going on in the company, awards won and positions that need to be filled. These also usually have a good sense of humour. They also answer potential candidates questions – always a helpful tip.

Pepsi Co UK

GSK Global

Lastly, follow the recruiter. The example below is a recruiter who works at Rackspace and extols about the benefits of becoming a member of their team. It’s more informal but also a much better way to get a true picture of what working at a company is all about.

Kirit at Rackspace

Are there other tweeters that you find helpful on your job search? Share them with us! The Corner Office enjoys a witty and informative tweet.

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